Yoshinori Ono Advising On Combat For Remember Me

The legendary Street Fighter producer is working with Dontnod’s Paris-based team on Remember Me. Capcom has previously stated a desire to see more collaboration between Eastern and Western teams to bring their properties to a wider audience.

Capcom senior producer, Mat Hart, has told Eurogamer that Ono has visited the studio in Paris and that they speaks regularly about the game. Remember Me is a cyber punk action game but the melee combat is combo-heavy and features finishing moves and dodges.


Jean-Maxime Moris said that the team were trying to ensure that the combos were “as accessible as possible so they don’t take too much skill to perform.” Hopefully this means that the game is nice and easy to get into, as opposed to the tricky entry for newcomers into a very complex fighting game like the Street Fighter series.

They’re talking up the depth and clearly counting on Remember Me becoming a big deal, with Hart saying it will be a major franchise for Capcom.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. This was the stand-out game at gamescom for me. I just hope they can make the combat much more accessible than the average fighting game as the combat interests me far less than the story and setting. Too much twitch-based combat and it’ll drop off my radar.

    • But likewise, you wouldn’t want to be playing a game that’s all cutscene, surely?

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