Molyneux’s Curiosity iOS Experiment Hits Naming Snag

The iPhone game being developed by Peter Molyneux’s 22 Cans studio might need a last-minute change of name. The iconic game designer took to his Twitter account to let followers know that there would be a name change and to ask for feedback about it.

The last minute change is due to a clash with the current Mars rover that is sending some lovely images back to its masters at NASA.

The game, which is a kind of social experiment, features a cube that users will collaboratively attempt to discover what’s inside a cube by chipping away at it. The more you pay, the more powerful your strikes will be but only the person who delivers the final blow will ever know what’s inside the cube – something that Molyneux claims is “truly amazing”. The game became infamous when it was revealed that there would be DLC for it that costs £50,000.

Curiosity was supposed to be launched on the AppStore yesterday but appears to have been delayed until next month.

Source: Twitter



  1. FYI – There’s no DLC for £50k. Molyneux stated it was just an idea they had but they can’t do it as in-app purchases don’t do that high.

    • I thought that but I did a quick google and all I found was reports that it was in there, nothing to say it had been removed. It’s a fascinating experiment, all told. Although most people won’t give it enough time to realise what it really is.

  2. Why not call it ‘The Cube’?

    I’m sure there would be no licensing issues with that! XD

  3. I like the need for community effort in games like this, NobyNoby Boy springs to mind.
    I’ll give it a bash when it’s released and hopefully there’s a longevity to it, if it only opens once then that’ll be a bit rubbish.

  4. Not sure what to call it but I reckon we could all join together, chip away at one spot on the cube and get through a lot quicker! ;)

  5. The Cubey Game ?

  6. Chip-n-flail

  7. Exbox

  8. Cubiosity

  9. BOX

  10. £50,000 DLC is certainly possible. Just a collection of lower valued IAP.

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