God of War Ascension Release Date and Info Outed

God of War is one of Sony’s flagship franchises and the next instalment, Ascension, is sure to be another epic adventure. The PlayStation Blog has just outed the release date for the game, it’ll be the 15th March in the UK, with the EU getting their hands on it two days earlier and Australia and New Zealand seeing it on the 14th of March 2013.

They’ve announce two special versions of the game, a Collector’s Edition which features an 8 inch Kratos figurine, digital soundtrack, PS3 dynamic theme and avatar pack. It will also give you double XP for the multiplayer (which must be levelling then…) and a DLC pass that will unlock all future DLC (so that’s coming, too) for free. It all comes in a steelbook case.


The Special Edition features the same steelbook case, soundtrack, dynamic theme and avatar pack as well as the double XP bonus but it doesn’t have the figure or the DLC pass.

Apparently, they’ll be back with images of the Editions soon, along with more info about that multiplayer XP and the DLC.

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Source: EU PS Blog



  1. There’s so many AAA games being released january through march.

    • I know, I’m hoping that… wait for it… THE GODS WILL PAY!

      • Wow…… i’m speechless. :)

      • Cue Peter marching Zeus into his local Game store & forcing him to hand over his pocket money.

      • Olympian express, that’ll do nicely. ^_^

  2. The only & best game ever to purchase in 2013

    • I’m not sure about the “only” part of your sentence

      • Agreed – By a long shot definitely NOT what i am looking forward to next year, i can tell you!

      • That’s the only game worth buying for me in 2013. Not interested in any other ones maybe beyond & last of us but that’s a so so

      • Not interested in Bioshock Infinite or GTA V then (off the top of my head)?

        There are also a few others which got pushed back that i just can’t remember right now.

      • dead space 3 as well (although a little spectical about the horror element)
        I’m not saying that god of war is not on my top list of course, I’m just saying it’s not the Only game
        actually that reminded me that i still have dark souls, damn it

      • Ope GTA am not holding my breath, BioShock not that big of a fan. I’m a big GoW fan & metal gear solid. The rest of games I suck at them.

        Also just off the topic lol has anyone notice the vita when u get an error with it, it asks you if you want to report back to Sony about dam time I got heard

      • Yeah, i have removed DS3 from my list, as i don’t like the sound of it. It may surprise me closer to the time, but it’s not one i am specifically looking forward to now. Shame they had to go that route really.

        I thought of another one just now, but it’s gone again… Oh wait… Ah yes, Metal Gear rising also made it to my list (but i’m not totally sure if that isn’t out this year tbh).

        Oh & Remember Me looks pretty damn tasty too.

        Is Dishonoured a 2012 or 2013 release? That seems worth keeping an eye on as well.

      • coming this year I guess

      • How could you all forget about tomb raider.

      • oh, I’m so so so sorry, Lara croft is definetely on my list

      • Forrest Dishonoured out in november unless it’s been suddenly delayed.

      • U lot are ruining the God of war post with your titles lol go to a forum..

        THIS IS SPARTA!!

  3. Freeee your mortal sight Arise to frozen alien skies Ascend beyond your will To infiniteee!

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  5. BRING IT TO ME!!! :P :P :P

  6. Have all the shiny pennies you want! Just hand the thing over to MEEEE!!!!

  7. good to no will be getting that.

  8. I knew this already. They said this at e3

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