Here’s a New God of War Ascension Trailer

This one is called Furies and was first shown at the PAX keynote yesterday. It’s got the usual brutality and stirring narration that we require from our God of War trailers. The Furies look like skeletal spider people, I don’t remember them from my big colourful picture book that introduced me to Greek Mythology when I was 5 but I’ll admit that most of my adult interest in Greek Mythology has been based on Lewis’ Abridged too Far series.


I’ve always fancied a pet Chimera though, it’d be like having half a zoo but only needing one enclosure.



  1. I love you Santa Monica.!

  2. I love you Santa Monica

  3. I’m not really ready for a relationship, Santa Monica, but I’ll show you a good time if you buy me dinner.

  4. The main villain seems interesting but i can see how Kratos will kill her. So far, it seems that Kratos is going to be less angry as i think i have yet to see a single trailer that shows him having another emotion beside being angry.

    • He did save someone in that E3 gameplay vid and if you look close enough he cracks a smile doing it.

      like this : )

  5. Cute. And apparently they do exist in the mythology, but Santa Monica is using the Roman name (shame on them).

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