Community Chronicle: 02/09/12

I have bested you, Sound Shapes Death Mode. I have bested you! Now I just need to do all the level creation stuff and I’ll have myself another double Platinum. Delightful little game.

But enough about me, this is meant to be all about you lot!

Burgess is the man sharing his rig this week, giving us a great shot through the window panel into the side of him PC. I’ll hand over to him to explain all the gubbins in the box:

Here is my PC. It took years to build due to money but its finally pretty much to a point where I am happy with it!

  • Intel Core i7
  • AMD Radeon 6950 2gb
  • 8gb Tracer RAM (In that picture there is 16gb of my old RAM)
  • Water-cooling loop

I do like a water-cooled computer. It has that delectable mix of risk and reward, a bit like eating that 99% poisonous fish.

What wise souls out there have been playing Sound Shapes, like I have? Go on, put your hands up. Yes, that includes you Youles, I know you’ve been playing it and have the double Platinum as a consequence. Good job with that and your myriad of DLC trophies, but could you please slow it down a bit?

A heartfelt message from Taylor Made:

Dear Youles & McProley

Once upon a time I used to be a king of trophies on my PSN list no one touched me, everyone played cod every one was below level 8. Then you 2 came along made my trophies look like a beginner in the trophy department damn you both damn you!!!

The end.

Luckily he doesn’t have more of you guys on his list, as we have a bunch of fastest Platinum trophies this week. Samiro05 nabs the fastest for The Sims 3, Crazy_Del for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, R1MJAW for THPS HD and Bambo claiming the top spot for Batman: Arkham City. Surely that can’t be right? He’s only just got it in the last few days!

Well nuts to that, since we have lots of not-so-fast Platinums too. Blackredyellow dropped 130 hours to get Skyrim, whilst Crazy_Del enjoyed his play time with Saints Row The Third and KeRaSh with Alice: Madness Returns. However, the nicest tale of trophies with an older game comes from Darth Newdar:

I achieved my 100% of the trophies in Flower. The game was a complete joy, and some of the trophies are brilliantly inventive – such as the “Welcome Back” trophy, awarded for playing after a week long break. When you add in getting the hardest trophy – Pure, awarded for not being electrocuted in level 5 – on my first attempt, it is definitely the most relaxing trophy list I’ve 100%-ed.

It really is a very special game, and a lovely note to wrap up this segment.

Finally, I must apologise, but I wasn’t able to keep track of all the comments this week. Once again, Comment of the Week is on a break, but it will absolutely return for next week! (Probably)

Instead, I’ll prompt you to put your commenting prowess to trying to win actual things! That’s right, just leave us some suggestions for coverage you’d like to see from the TSA boys at Eurogamer Expo, and you could win one of five pairs of tickets to actually go there.

I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. Also, i defeated the Bell tower gargoyles in 2 minutes in Dark Souls. As well as defeating Queelag on my second attempt as well as defeating Gaping Dragon on my second attempt. #proud The last time i managed to defeat a boss in two minutes flat was the Broodmother in DAO. :O Also, i defeated the stray demon. :P

    As for the trophy hunters, YOU WHORES! *is told to go and sit in the corner* Bambo must have played B:AC 15 hours a day as there is no way he could have got all of the riddler trophies within a few days.

  2. I do enjoy this community chronicle. I’ve also been playing sound shapes, turns out its the perfect game for the train, I manage to complete a couple of levels while on there. Also, not meaning to brag but I genuinely found death mode not that hard at all. Most levels were completed in 4 or 5 attempts, with just 3 or 4 taking 20 attempts or so.
    Now on to beat school which i may cheat with as I’m just shit at it.

    • Exactly the same Tony – I rather enjoyed them. Most levels had a rhythm like old skool game bosses then it was just a case of getting that bit of luck. Two of the Beat School levels really pissed me off – I wish the playback wasn’t on loop, would have made it easier at times!

      Nope. Sorry Teflon, got loads of trophies still to come hopefully….need to finish the backlog before busy season!! :p Thanks for the mention.

      Just in a side note, think you neglected to mention McProley’s fastest DarkSiders 2 platinum. ;)

      • Yes, tef did forget to mention my Darkies 2 plat. I feel sad :(

      • TSA must have some kind of emotional compensation scheme?

      • I found Beat School ridiculously easy (well, I’ve been a musician since I turned 6, it should be!) but I hate Death Mode.

        Got sick of it and haven’t gone back to it for a while.

      • I agree mate. I’m a DJ and producer so beat school was second nature to me. too much luck involved

      • Same for me, have played the guitar and piano for years so Beat School was simple (apart from the last one, quite embarrassed that I had to check online where the last note was) but Death mode needs to die!

      • I’ll send someone my PSN details so they can get the death mode trophies for me, im not kidding XD

      • Oh, sorry McP, I’ll try to remember for next week!

  3. I also enjoy this article :)

    My target is to beat Blackredyellow’s time of 130 hours to platinum skyrim, I’m currently on 116 and only need about 4/5 trophies ;)

    • Bah! It can’t be done :P

      • I think mine was under 130, i shall check later

      • 101 hours, and first person on TSA to get it :D

  4. Three platinums in three weeks. I’ll be taking a break playing Final Fantasy VI on the Vita until Borderlands 2 comes out.

    • It’s not 3 Platinums, it’s a Platrick!

      • Hah! Terrific, just terrific.

      • *golf clap*
        Brilliant Sire, just simply brilliant.

  5. Haven’t had a platinum for ages. Silly really, as I’m 5-10% off platting a number of relatively easy games. Think ME3 will be my next if I get time; all I have to do is reach 1000 kills and I’m done.

  6. Well, bollocks to the lot of you who think Death Mode is a stroll in the park. Ok, congratulation instead then. I really enjoyed the Beat School and found it superbly easy. Death mode not so much. I almost think it ruins the game a little. Ok,im just shit at it.

    • I hate it, it’s all down to luck, and it spoils the game. It was relaxing and something quite special then there was death mode which is infuriating and makes me want to throw my Vita out the window.
      Im shit at it as well as you can tell :P

      • Beats Mode is about musical skill, Death Mode is definitely luck.

        HATE it.

        Coincidentally, I’m rather bad at it.

  7. Thanks for the generous mention!

  8. Yep proud of me Transformers…. Also very happy that I can now finally Platinum Darksiders II. Just 3 trophies away from it ^^

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