Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Footage Released

The first video footage from Hideo Kojima’s next Metal Gear project, the open-world Ground Zeroes has been unleashed to the masses.

It certainly looks great – the game is running on a high-end PC using the FOX engine but Kojima is aiming to replicate these graphics on current-gen consoles, which certainly won’t be an easy feat.


It’s not quite clear where Ground Zeroes fits in with the Metal Gear mythos, but Kojima has described it as a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5 – confirming MGS5 is still on its way, too.

The game’s protagonist appears to be Naked Snake rather than Solid Snake.

Metal Gear fans, take a look for yourself with the video below and let us know if you spot anything interesting – there’s apparently a few more minutes of gameplay cut off, including the all-new vehicle gameplay, but for now, this should be more than enough to get you excited.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks pretty. Next gen can’t come soon enough.

    • the graphics are so good making me doubtfull this will be the level of the graphics on a PS3, I think it’s not possible, any word if it’s exclusive to PS3?

      • You obviously didn’t watch it all (which is unforgivable). The end credits say Xbox360 PS3 and PC. I was hoping it was exclusive. Never mind, I know Kajima Studios will do a sterling job on the PS3 unlike Bethesda.

      • Well it was said to be running on PC at “current-gen specifications”, so that could mean PS3 level. But even so, until we get confirmation of the platform this was running on, it looks highly unlikely that Konami somehow found a way to squeeze this out of a PS3.

      • Sorry my mistake no mention of PC at the end credits.

      • Kojima said that the demo shown in the video was PC, but also that the PS3 version would look very similar, “He says that today’s demo should closely resemble the PS3.” So maybe it won’t need next-gen to look as good…

      • i saw the video but i missed the logos at the end, being an Xbox game as well makes me almost sure that this is not the final result
        not a ps3 fanboy, just saying that how come anyone can pull this off suddenly with this same hardware limitation, raising the fans expectation beyond what they can deliver is wrong, I wish I could be wrong ofcourse, the game looks outstanding

  2. Excuse me whilst I change my pants

    Okay much better, think its coming out this gen. Ps3 and xbox360. Looks SOOOO good

    • I agree. I think we’ll see it on the PS3 because we haven’t seen any PS4 games yet. If it was a PS4&720 exclusive I would think Sony or MS would have saved it to be used with a new console announcement.

      Granted it could be for both generations thus making it a little easier to upgrade a bit sooner then I planed.

      • I think MGS5 will jump to next-gen.. and this will keep us occupied until the release of next-gen consoles.

        They have the XOF/FOX engine working on PC and as it seems the next-gen consoles resemble the PC with the chips used so porting would be ‘easy.’

        Hoping for a Launch MSG5 and GT6 title..

  3. Looks amazing, I really hope they can replicate those graphics on the ps3.

  4. that just sold me a ps4

  5. I thought it was clearly based after Peace Walker because they talk about two characters from that game.

  6. Gameplay here, from 9:54 which should be where it starts from

  7. The Animations the flow so smoothly…

  8. That looks fantastic.. seems to have the familiar Metal Gear feel about it too, just hope they can make the Fox engine work as well on PS3.

  9. PS4…. omg


  10. I hope it comes out on PS3, would be a shame to go get yet another console to carry on the series.

    • Why not? I think new hardware has great potential

      • Some people don’t have the money for new hardware, people such as myself. It’s confirmed for PS3/360 anyway, might get a cross-generation release, but that’s unlikely.

      • If Sony put a Gaikai client on PS3 there’s no reason in the future when the internet gets more reliable that you’d ever have to buy a new console until you could afford one then get the benefits of running the games locally

      • I would rather wait for an extra year and 11 months, saving up money for a new console and then buy this game on a disc, before willingly “stream a new gen” via my PS3.
        Cloud gaming, blech and shudder *shudders*

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