Konami Confirms That Ground Zeroes Saves Will Carry Over To MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Konami has released quite a lot of new information for Metal Gear Solid V, including new screenshots and information as to how Ground Zeroes will feed into a player’s progress in The Phantom Pain. The first major revelation is the Mother Base and how it will link both parts of Metal Gear Solid V together. The Base will be available to players in Ground Zeroes and it is here where any prisoners of war or other characters that have been rescued will go.

Apparently who you rescue in Ground Zeroes will have repercussions on how events unfold within The Phantom Pain, though Konami doesn’t specify in exactly what way this occurs. Along with Mother Base is the iDroid companion app which will be used to build the base while on the go, used as a second screen to show the map of the game world, help call in air support, and gives you the chance to listen to any sound files you find during the game. The app will also have a leaderboard to show how good you are at completing levels against the rest of the world.

In terms of pre-order bonuses early adopters will get exclusive Mother Base items that will be accessible in The Phantom Pain, and not in Ground Zeroes. There’s also quite a lot of new screenshots showing new action, and the iDroid app’s interface and some deja vu.

Source: Konami PR


  1. Niiice, the base building in Peace Walker was excellent and padded out the game massively, in a good way too. Going for S ranks had the added benefit of churning out characters for the extra ops battles. I hope that feature comes back too, that’d be a great little distraction in a companion app.

    Youles, you already know what I’m gonna say next, you legally cannot start MGS V without finishing Peace Walker, sort it out!!

    • Nooooo!! Ok, I guess I should be able to do one playthrough, even if I don’t platinum it! ;)

  2. But will saves carry over from PS3 to PS4?

    • I’m gonna stick my neck out and guess yes, the Konami cloud that transfers saves between consoles on the MGS HD Collection works beautifully, very slick.

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