Juarez Calls Again Tomorrow

The official Facebook page for Ubisoft’s Call Of Juarez has been updated with a new image and – mysteriously – tomorrow’s date.


It looks like a tease for a new ‘Juarez game and from the image it appears that the series is returning to its Western roots.

A Wild West setting would tie in the questionnaire that was spotted in November last year which asked for opinions on what an unannounced fourth Juarez game.

Source: Facebook



  1. Can’t be any worse than ‘The Cartel’…

  2. oh wow, I thought the last one might have killed the franchise completely. There’s a lot of potential there and some good ideas in patches throughout this series so hopefully they can tie it all up into something great rather than what The Cartel was…

  3. I feel like a pillock for enjoying the last two games in the series…
    Can’t be helped I guess.

    • Don’t worry you’re not alone.

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