PlayStation Testing a New Web Portal on PS3

The US PlayStation Twitter account tweeted this morning about a new homepage on the PS3. When US users open up the web browser, there’s an option to “beta test the new PS3 system portal”. Clicking on that will display a new layout for a bespoke portal with “buy now” links on movie and games.

At the time of writing, these links simply divert you to the PSN Store but it’s not difficult to imagine a more integrated approach to buying content that would make the system much more seamless than it is currently.


A user on NeoGAF has taken some photos of the new layout.

As you can see, it looks nice and modern, tablet (and Vita?) friendly and easy to navigate. Hopefully we’ll see a full redesign across the PlayStation family of sites that makes things easier to find, nicer to look at and – crucially – easier to buy.

We’ve been keen to see an improved PlayStation web portal for some time now – specifically one which has individual product pages that allow you to purchase and queue items to download on a PlayStation 3 or Vita later. Hopefully, this beta is a step towards that kind of system. It comes after a lengthy survey from PlayStation in the EU last week which asked many questions about the usability and features of and the PS Blog so hopefully this US beta testing will spread over to this side of the Atlantic soon too.



  1. Can’t believe SCE are so far behind Xbox in terms of buying product away from the console. Hopefully this is what they’re doing here.

    • It’s ridiculous in this day & age that you can’t do it over the web and can therefore buy/queue content wherever you are.

  2. They need to do something. My ps3 crashes every time I use the web app, that said, it crashes on Netflix, the NHL Gamecenter and YouTube apps too. Anything that uses the web bar the store.

  3. Doh, misread the article headline. I’m once again a Sad Panda.

  4. If it means being able to queue ps3 downloads when i’m out and about on my Vita cool, but i honestly don’t think i would use it that often.

    • I’d buy loads more on the PSN if I could go directly to a product page in my Mac web browser and hit a “buy” button.

      Navigating the PSN Store is a bit of a pain and for small developers, not having a direct link to their product means not being able to effectively promote their stuff themselves – every time they ask someone to consider buying their game, that customer has to walk through a hall filled with competitor’s products, all clamouring for their money instead, before they arrive (or not) at the thing they went looking for. What small studio can afford to do that?

      I’d just like a link on a website: Visiting Futurlab’s site to see what their next games are? Bang, here’s a link to Velocity on the Store, with a big shiny “BUY NOW” button next to it.

      • That’s why I love the web version of Google’s Play Store. I can buy apps and games and as long as my phone is connected to the internet it automatically starts the download and installation process. I would love such a functionality on my PS3/Vita.

      • I do see the advantage for the small developers in that sense, but for me i would probably mostly use it to grab the weekly store updates (ps+, demos – and maybe the odd purchase) while at work.

  5. While they’re at it add Chrome!

    • and Cross Game Chat.

      • and a storefront you can access via the website for buying or remotely downloading content, sure it would pay for itself with impulse purchases alone

  6. Improvements are much needed. Odd that they seem to be re-/still running the long survey from about six weeks back.

  7. Great another way to access the store. lol. although I guess this one actually makes sense.

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