Remember Me Gameplay Demo

Capcom have released a video of ‘Remember Me’ taken from the demo shown at Gamescom.


Take a look at Nilin fighting her way through Neo-Paris as she is chased by a hover-copter, scampers across rooftops, clambers up pipes and smashes the brains out of her pursuers.

It’s all very exciting and ‘Uncharted-y’ and like the Naughty Dog classics there doesn’t appear to be any loading screens, despite Nilin covering a huge area both inside and out into the city.

In summary: cor, looks bloody good doesn’t it?

Source: YouTube



  1. Wow that’s impressive. Although some of the dialogue needs cleaning up, everything else had me captivated. Also, I can’t say no to a strong female lead :P

  2. Wowsers trousers INDEED. Who says we need next-gen for exciting new ip? Oh, yeah…Frank Gibeau :(

  3. It looks great but those jumps are weak to say the least .

  4. It looks great, until it moves. Something just doesn’t seem right about it in motion, seems to be jittery and lacking in fluidity. I’m guessing that isn’t the final cut of the audio, either – Nilin’s voice work put me in mind of Bolo Santosi in Just Cause 2.

    Did like the look of the Neo-Paris setting, reminded me a lot of the Paris in the animated film Renaissance, with Daniel Craig, with the new built over the old. If the developers can smooth over some of those cracks, I’d be interested.

  5. As said above, graphics look ace, but animations and audio need some work. The voice acting is pretty crap and the punches lack… Well, some punch. Still interested though as the concept, setting and gameplay look good.

  6. Lara Croft meet your competition

  7. Agreed with people above, the animation looks to be disappointing. Punches and such lack any kind of force behind them and jumping and running looks floaty and awkward. I’m interested in the storyline, the whole memory thing sounds like it could be a great hook, but I’m less interested after watching this video. It’s gone down to a rental from a buy now.

  8. Looks like some gorgeous artwork lessened by some slightly shoddy animation and voice work. Looks interesting enough to rent though.

  9. I like the look of this, it looks a bit clunky still and the voice work is poor, but I like it.

  10. Looks promising, reminds me a bit of Watch Dogs.

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