Capcom Opens European E-Store With Resident Evil 6 Bundles

Capcom has announced that it will be launching an official online store for  European customers, which will sell games and merchandise inspired by Capcom titles. The store has already had a partial launch, selling Resident Evil 6 items.

There are currently three Resident Evil 6 Limited Editions on sale. The cheapest comes with the game, a tablet case, DLC maps and stickers for a price of £54.99.  Then there’s the £79.99 bundle which comes with a DSO tshirt,  and the items in the other bundle.


Those seem like standard prices. However, there is a third bundle which could take the title as the most expensive game limited edition ever. The Leather Jacket bundle includes all the items from the previous editions and a leather jacket, all for the pricey sum of £899.99.

Source: Capcom Store



  1. I really hope the £899 edition falls flat on its face cos I dont want to see more publishers thinking that is acceptable in this econiomical climate. Yes, its optional and no one is forcing people to buy it but who in their right mind would buy it? Obviously someone will as unfortunately the world is filled with a lot more morons than we like to beleive

    • Mike the younger will probably pick it up somewhere for £100 and sell for 500% profit as usual. He’s got a man on the inside! :P

      • If you’re in need of a limited edition, I can source it for the right price ;)

      • Mcproley if some wanted to buy it that wouldn’t mean there a moron.

        Glad capcom have opened a European shop ordering from the American site did take its time for delivery

      • I disagree, spending that much on a product of that calibre clearly marks you as a moron

      • I’ve got the GAME exclusive collectors edition preordered, come at me bro ;)

      • £130 compared to £900 is hugely more acceptable. But £900 for a leather jacket that probably made in a sweat shop…

      • I’ve got it for £120 as GAME put a code on Facebook for £10 off :)

        The £900 edition will be even pushing die hard fans.

        Expect it to be in the sale soon after.

      • Lucky! It’ll either go on sale or it’ll be on ebay for £9000. At that level then you seriously have to question peoples intelligence :)

      • Thing is though, it depends how limited it will be. If its 100 units or below then it could be worth shed loads.

        You can make loads of money buying and selling CE’s if you guess right how limited it is.

      • Mike – I’ll be sending my Limited Edition collection of games into Teflon’s Community Chronicle, you should check it out. I remember you saying you have A LOT of special/limited editions etc!! I have a PSOne Limited Edition copy of GTA, I would think that’s probably my rarest since I’ve not seen many about.

        As for RE6. Unless you’re minted I would save that kind of money for PS4, would surely be better spent!

      • Actually there’s about 5 on eBay, lol!

      • Cool, I’ll check it out :)

        And I have way too many CE’s, so much so I’m running out of room to keep them!

        I have the limited edition version of Yoshi’s Island on the SNES which seems to be pretty rare along with many others.

        I might go through all of my editions and list them and photo them in a forum post so you can all admire them ;)

      • Good plan – I can always put mine in too. ;) That SNES one is cool, especially as there were fewer LE and SE back then!

      • any other people interested in collectors editions check out its a great site!

        I did have the uncharted 1 press kit but sold it for £900 back in February

    • Probably someone with incredibly bad taste in clothes.

  2. Meh, I like the T-shirt but I’ll stick with the pre-order steelbook bonus.
    For those still thinking of pre-ordering I believe Sainsburys online is the cheapest at the moment, weighing in at £31 using a discount code on HUKD.

  3. Wouldn’t these be for cosplayers? (or whatever they call themselves).Surely even tweens would find them a little naff.

  4. If anyone buys the £900 edition, they are a fool. You can probably make your own version for cosplaying for half of that. Also, why charge £900 for it as the total cost of both editions is just over £150. In fact, you can buy a mid to high range gaming PC for that price! :O Capcom, if i can buy a PC that costs less then an edition of your game, you are doing it wrong.

  5. buy a jacket that is the same, some Acrylic paints at Cass Art, down load a high res of the artwork and do it yourself, still haven’t really looked at much to see if the game is worth buying since I have yet play even an hour of RE5 Gold!!

  6. they really should have put a model in that jacket for the photo, it looks really shapeless and limp laid out like that.

    • That’s what she said.

    • But seriously £800 just for that leather jacket on it’s own……even put through a trouser press it wouldn’t be worth a quarter of that. Plus it looks like firemans casual wear for a village person in a band!

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