Resident Evil 6 Gets A Little Teary In Latest Trailer

The sixth main instalment in Capcom’s survival horror series is set to launch next month, the publisher looking to persuade newcomers and returning fans with an emotional, narrated trailer.

An edited version of the promo has also been spotted on television, at least hear in the UK.


Resident Evil 6 launches on October 2nd. Easily the biggest game in Resident Evil history, this latest instalment is centred around a global outbreak told from the perspectives of three main characters and their sidekicks. For more information, check out Peter’s recent preview.



  1. Unsure whether to get excited about this.
    I loved 4, wasn’t so keen on 5 but the trailers for it look really good!
    I read an article in Games TM the other week and they gave the impression that out of the 3 different perspectives, only one of them played well (early code apparently).
    Was hoping to try the demo, but the code I got with Dragon’s Dogma didn’t work :(

    Will go read Peter’s preview and see what his thoughts are !

    • That same demo will probably be available to everyone soon enough.

      I haven’t invested myself in RE since Nemesis, though this latest instalment does seem promising from what I’ve played.

      • The demo is available on the 17th(not 100% sure)

  2. Cannot wait. So close to release day now :D Not ashamed to admit I have three days booked off work to play this ;)

    • Now that’s dedication, or madness…unsure which!
      Last time I did that was for Halo 3 way back when :P

      • LOL, normally I don’t do something like that but I have some holiday I need to use before the end of the year so its worked out nicely :)
        The last time I’ve booked any time off work for something games related was the launch of the 360 (which didn’t get delivered until 9pm that evening….grrr)

      • Nightmare!
        My mate booked a full week off for Halo 3, (think it was Play) ran out of stock and he didn’t get it til 5 days after launch.

        Me and his other friends were really sympathetic and spammed him with photos and answerphone messages of the intro music :P

        Hopefully Jim’s right and I can give the demo a whirl before shelling out on Resi 6, like I said before it does look great, but so did 5 and I wasn’t a big fan of that.

      • “Me and his other friends were really sympathetic and spammed him with photos and answerphone messages of the intro music :P”

        Lol, love that. Sounds like something I’d do!
        Yup, the demo should be hitting the PSN and XBL stores 18th September so gives you the chance to make up your mind. I personally loved RE5 but I think the fact I played it co-op certainly helped.

  3. I played the demo for this and it is actually really really good. The Awkward controls are all gone making everything flow better. Leons part was slow paced and atmospheric, there were only about 7 zombies in the whole demo for him. Chris story is very shooty though, but it fits because hes part of a very large anti bioterrorism unit and has to go on raids, justifying all the shooting and extra AIs around you, while jakes part is like a mix of the 2 but with super nemesis thrown in to chase you the entire time. Making the contolrs more modern fixes alot of what made the game scary, having to awkwardly fumble about trying to defend yourself, not being able to run away or jump out of the way like a normal person would do when being swung at with an axe and so on. I like what they have done with this is its much more enjoyable than 5 was.

    • Sounds awesome :) Looking forward to giving the demo a try next week!

      • The fact you can move and shoot also really helps, and you have melee on a dedicated button now too. the knife now being an equip able weapon.

  4. ‘at least here* in the UK.’


    Game looks quality. They really have gone huge with this game.

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