Eufloria Confirmed For PlayStation Mobile Launch

PLAYISM have just been in touch to let us know that the critically acclaimed Eufloria will launch on PlayStation Mobile next week, on October 3rd.


The press release says that Eufloria is a “beautiful work of art based on the motif of Dyson Trees, comet-based plants proposed by the physicist Freeman Dyson which can grow in outer space.”

It’s essentially a hugely pretty space-based real time strategy, and its presence on PSM means that the PS Vita will have a lovely, top tier game in just a few days.



  1. Love this

    • I have a sneaky feeling PSM is going to be massive.

      • You are funny.

      • When’s this coming to Vita – PSM I mean?

        Is it an APP?

  2. Eufloria looks great but I haven’t a clue how it plays, heh. I just hope there will be plenty of games at launch at low prices similar to iOS… and even better if Kairosoft is on board considering I’m a big fan of there games. If I can play Dungeon Village or Game Dev Story on the Vita that would be rather lovely.

  3. I’m in the middle of playing this on Steam. It’s a superb game, although very slow at times. So, if you’re looking for a quick game to play on the bus…this isn’t it.

  4. I played the demo on ps3 a while back, interesting and unique little TD game. Has some pretty details when you zoom in, but i found i had to be zoomed out most of the time in order to play it, so i rarely got to appreciate the details.

  5. Jost got myself an xperia p, does anyone if its good for gaming and details o how ps mobile will work on it?

    Also as its sony can ig interact with ps3 and vita?

  6. Absolutely loved playing and completing this game on my PC…. visuals and audio are excellent.

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