Resident Evil Human Butchery Now Open In London

Whilst the rest of TSA was living it up at Eurogamer I had the pleasure of a visit to the London Pathology museum for a lecture on infectious diseases and parasites, courtesy of Capcom.

It sounds horrible but turned out to be really interesting, the lecturer explained how parasites take control of a host and make them perform actions against their will, much like the C-virus.


For example, we are all aware what a dog with rabies looks like – foaming at the mouth and extra angry. Rabies is spread through saliva so the virus makes the host animal produce more than normal, hence the foamy mouth.

Then it makes the host have violent urges, so in the case of the dog that would mean biting someone and with the extra foamy spit the virus improves it chances of spreading to a new host, clever eh?

After the lecture there was a chance to visit the ‘Wesker & Son Human Butchery’ and have a nibble on a hand, drink a lovely ‘puss cocktail’ or enjoy the taste of human penis. No, really, look at the pictures.

I’m sure you are disappointed you cannot sample such delicacies but I have good news, Wesker & Son is now open to the public! You can find it in Smithfields meat market and it’s open today and tomorrow.

Why not pop down for some lunchtime noms?



  1. No, just no. I have nothing to say about this except from what were they thinking? I can see resident evil fans popping in and having a bite but i doubt there are enough to keep it in bussiness in London. Idea for TSA EGX video, the lads go down there and sample a few of the meals on video.

    Also, is it me or does that last image include something that looks not safe for work? If so, then why would you sell it? Why!? O-o

    • Also, the article is a bit tame Tuffcub, i was expecting innuedo everywhere now that i’ve actually looked at that last image. Peter is not here, so why not go crazy with the smut? :p

    • If so, then why would you sell it? Why!? O-o

      because it might taste good?

      • *gets up and walks away from obivious joke*

    • Yes, its severed penis. I mentioned it in the article.

      Nom nom nom!


  2. Wow.. imagine opening the last image at work/college

    (wtf you looking at?!)

    • I just forwarded my colleague the link and said “look, I know you’ve eaten a lot of cock in your time, but nothing like this…”

      She’s not impressed, luckily it’s almost 5:30pm on Friday, so I should be able to avoid any employment tribunal until next week!

    • I’ll tell you what I’m looking at. A tray of things put together by a woman. The tongues go near the head… the HEAD!


  3. what’s a puss cocktail? o_O

  4. The pictures and indeed the notion of selling human-shaped meat is a bit mental.
    That is interesting about Rabies though… that’s potentially only a few mutations away from becoming a zombie virus.. :O

    • i imagine it’d be closer to the rage virus from 28 Days Later.

  5. Also: Hunky beardy butcher is mine. Paws off.

  6. The US has “cake boss” and we have “cock boss” {:’o

  7. yea baby 12 cock sausages and a box of meaty balls…

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