What’s In Molyneux’s Curiosity Box Will “Change Your Life Forever”

Peter Molyneux has used his slot at EGX this morning to reaffirm that his inventive yet somewhat controversial ‘experiment’ Curiosity will change one person’s live forever.

The ‘game’, which will take the form of an iOS app, involves players tapping away at a giant cube, slowly revealing different layers as it crumbles under the combined digital assault of all the players in the world.


Each layer hosts a surprise, but only player can tap away the very last block (there are 60 billion blocks), revealing something that’s apparently going to be very special indeed.

The game is currently in Apple’s review process, and could be out next week. One in-app purchase, apparently rather expensive, will accelerate the amount you destroy each time you tap…



  1. Tenner says it’s prize money.

    • He’s confirmed it’s not money, or anything to do with Half Life 3

      Think it’ll be more experience orientated, a seat on Virgin Galactic or something?

      This sounds a bit like Noby Noby Boy, well not really but kinda… maybe if you squint a bit… and you’re on drugs

      • Would’ve made more sense if it was a seat in the Curiosity spacecraft…

      • Ah, I missed that bit of news then. Experience of some kind is likely the best bet, Galactic would be massively expensive though…

  2. It’s not money.

    Tenner please. :)

  3. I really want to know what the special prize is, but I don’t want to waste money taking part in it! It’s an interesting, yet pointless (or merely money-making) experiment.

    • Interesting to see how people work together to get through this as soon as possible, then the tactics that come into play when it nears the end, afterall you don’t want to be the last but one player to make a strike.

      and then with the DLC available to make your blows more powerful

      I also think the desire will diminish if it takes too long, think the hype can only be maintained for a few weeks but if it drags into months then people will turn off and they’ll end up making people’s taps more powerful to chip through it quicker

    • You do know it’s free to download and free-to-play?

  4. It’s going to release a face melting gas from the earpiece on the iphone that the final ‘chipper’ owns.
    Thus changing their life forever.
    For the worse.

  5. I dont like this at all – who is playing the game, the people chipping away at the cube or Molyneux and team?

    Methinksit’s the latter, using players as unwitting lab rats.

  6. Probably get to meet the real Molydeux…. but what if it was the game that he really could promise something about? BLACK & WHITE…HD or Magic Carpet HD? Populous even? (*dream on.)

  7. I think it might be something to do with being a protagonist in a game, bear with me, or even something as “out-there” as having Molyneux’s child named after yourself.

    The reason?

    “Chip off the old block”

  8. I reckon you win an inflatable Milo. Either that or a Wonka bar.

  9. a Job?

  10. The phone self destructs before coming up with a message that has a troll face and the words, we just wasted your time, the prize is nothing. Can see interest in it decreasing after a few weeks due to it being repitive.

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