Resident Evil 6 Gets Battered About As Reviews Land

Reviews have landed for Capcom’s big hitter Resident Evil 6, and the scores are pretty out there, with some (like Famitsu) scoring it highly, and others (as the embargo has just ended) going the other way.

Gamespot have scored it a surprisingly low 4.5/10, Edge magazine a 6/10 (with Eurogamer matching) and Polygon a 4/10.


A few print mags went slightly higher, though – PLAY with 8.8/10, Official PlayStation Magazine Italy a 9/10 and the US based official PlayStation magazine the same.

The Xbox 360 version (which seems to have the most so far) has an average of 65% from seven critic reviews, although that’s obviously changeable as the day progresses.

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  1. Resident Evil 4?

    • !!!???

      resident evil 4 gets 100/10 everyday of the week!! =D

  2. I think it’s one of those very marmite games; I personally think I would be on the lower end of the scale in terms of a review, whereas someone else might love it’s action-skew. Either way, it’s not really Resi, is it?

  3. The franchise seems to have truly forgotten how to perform. I understand why they tried to evolve each iteration (so as to avoid that “repeated” feeling) but they have lost their way and the reviews seem to be reflecting that more and more. However, for me, the big thing is that the game simply doesn’t look/feel the same any more. That much was true post-RE4 (once again, for me).

  4. This ain’t shocking the demo was awfully shocking! Resident evil series fell off big time!

    Dead space is the new resident evil..

    • Funnily enough, me and Youles were saying the exact same thing the other week. Although even that has started to loose its survival horror roots and is going down the action path

    • Dead Space doesn’t even compare to the originals….

    • There is no “survival” anymore in Resi – I remember planning to run through corridoors filled with dogs/zombies as I actually needed to save my ammo for a more worthy foe, and considering the combat knife was fucking useless. Now Leon can inflict his more useful knife, or kick the shit our of the infected – it is pure action. And sadly this doesn’t have the same level of pesentation as something like Dead Space to compensate for this change in direction.
      I also think it’s a preference thing, and the Japanese seem to like their more cheesey enemies and all-out action, and shit menu screens.

    • In every sense of it, as in “great survival horror turned action shooter” :p

  5. Not tried the demo yet, and not in a rush too after reading people’s thoughts on it either…
    I wasn’t a big fan of 4 or 5 personally, 4 was better (a lot better imo) though.

  6. 4/10 there is no way its actually that bad of a game, i think it may be getting judged on what the expect it to be rather than what it is, it may be no resident evil 1 or 2 but its certainly good for what it is.

    • Yeah, I think that’s really the main problem here. Also I wish people would stop caring about review scores so much. After all, they’re just opinions, not a measurement of the quality of a game.

      • so true yog have never let a review stop me from trying a game.

  7. From what I have heard reviewers are being rather harsh on RE6. Doesn’t effect me though because Capcom once again screwed over PC gamers by not even announcing a date yet.

  8. Huh, I enjoyed the demo – although I only played the Leon part

    • Same here, i thought it had a better atmosphere than the two previous games – although it seemed to rely on the player not expecting those bodies lying in the darkness to get up and attack, something which lost it’s effectiveness as the demo went on. Having said that i think i prefer Dead Space 2…. yes i said DS2… :O

  9. Apparently, it is a hybrid of Uncharted, generic 3rd person shooter, generic beat them up that fails to do any of it well. That and the camara seems to be very awful. And tons of QTEs. Whatever happened to the simple idea of trying to survive in a city full of zombies using whatever you can find?

    Capcom, just put the franchise to rest for a few years as i suspect it probably needs more time as well as there being too many Resi games out in a year.This year, we saw 3. One is goddam awful, one is said to be good and this is said to be bad. Take your time with it and it may turn out to be good thus selling millions. Plus, i wonder when the turbo extreme edition with one extra mode and different colour leather jackets for Leon will be out for £50.99?

    • I totally agree with you Steven, i didn’t like the demos (I played 2 demos and i was disappointed). I think i should wait for the RE6 Gold Edition next year. I guess i go back to my RE Revelations, now THAT game is scary and pretty good atmosphere plus… dat Jill’s ass. :D

      • Ada’s arse makes an appearance in six. Only, you can avoid it in a much easier way instead of the her arse being literally shoved in front of the camara. I know Resident Evil stopped being horror when 5 was released but i shouldn’t find a certain RPG that wasn’t designed to strike horror into the hearts of gamers to have more horror then a franchise that was based on horror.

        I suspect they were trying to please the FPS crowd, the Uncharted crowd and the resi crowd thus resulting in a bit of a poor game.

  10. Just had a go of this for half an hour at my local Gamestation and I actually enjoyed it (Leon Campaign). Pretty tempted to go for it despite the reviews.

    • Agree totally, seems the fashionable game to hate at the mo

      • Annnnnd I went for it after having another hour on it at Gamestation. Service at it’s finest :)

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