Users Say FIFA 13 On PC Is Faulty

The PC version of FIFA 13 is faulty, according to users on the EA Forums. Apparently the game will occasionally crash after certain points, such as after the EA Sports logo appears or when users access the settings screen.

EA have put out a post saying the best way to fix the game is to check for an update and install it, or to repair install. However, some users say they are still experiencing crashes. Members of the community have tried to find their own fixes for the game, with some finding they have to install or enable Windows Media Player, while others have said to create a new PC user with admin access and without non English letters.


Others still say that they have to go into the game files, select replay0.bin, right click, go to properties and make the file read only.

However, none of those above fixes work for everyone. Though EA are working on a universal fix, the fact that a game was released with quite a few bugs making it unplayable isn’t acceptable.

Source: EA Forums.



  1. Games are always more likely to have issues on PC, you simply cant test every combination of setups though it seems like EA didn’t test that many on Fifa

  2. Shocking…not! Good luck trying to get it fixed…I’ve been emailing EA for the last six months trying to get a patch for the glitched FIFA Football on PS Vita

  3. I’m sure this is only a small minority. Had no problems at all and played a lot. Apparently a lot of crashes on logo screen are to do with other controller types being connected. However you would think finding and fixing the problem on a PC would be easier.

  4. I think you have to admit that PC gaming does require a higher learning curve and hence not jump on the blame wagon of the devs. A problem isn’t necessarily a problem with the game. For example: once I found all my Codemasters games stop working. After lots of investigations and help from the technical support team I found that I had one of my 6 cores turned off. Is this a problem with the game, obviously not.

  5. I’ve had no crashes or problems so far. The game looks fantastic on PC and runs brilliantly.

  6. Fine for me on PC, I use my PS3 controller as well through USB and have had no problems so far, runs wonderfully.

  7. I often can’t connect to Origin.. so is that faulty too?

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