‘Booth Babes’ Banned From Eurogamer 2013

What was the one thing that everyone was talking about at Eurogamer? Was it Tomb Raider? Was it Black Ops II?

Nope, it was a group of very scantily clad young ladies who had QR codes slapped on their bums. To activate the code you had to scan their orange-spandex-clad butt cheek. Classy.


Eurogamer managing director Rupert Loman has said he didn’t know that booth babes would be attending, which seems a little naive.

The ladies in revealing attire will not be returning next year as Loman told Beefjack, “We have no problem with promotional staff but they should be dressed appropriately.”

Source: Beefjack



  1. I’m a little unsure on this one. Sex sells, we know this, and you only need to look at the biggest car shows in the world like Paris, Geneva, Moscow etc. The difference is class though. Look at this photo from Geneva 2011: http://www.autozilla.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/2011-Geneva-Motor-Show-Girls-17.jpg
    Or this one from Paris: http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/200610/paris-motor-show-bab_1280x0w.jpg

    They are incredibly hot women but totally classy and make the cars look classy too. The problem at games shows is that they are chavvy/slutty dressed girls which makes the game/dev look cheap and the show look chauvinistic.

    • They look respectable young ladies rather than 18 yr old tarts with QR codes slapped on the buns.

      But does the woman standing next to the car add anything other than something to leer at? Not really.

      • Not sure, but I think the lady in the Ferrari photo must have a QR code on her bum. The chap leaning over the bonnet seems to be looking for one.

      • Of course it does. It’s association. It’s the whole process of thinking that driving around in a super-car means we’re successful not only in business but with women too.

        Makes perfect sense. The chances of it happening are remote but it makes perfect sense.

    • not liking that Ferrari think that is the first one they have made that I do not like.

      • The wheels in particular are awful!

      • totally agree horrible wheels they look plastic.

  2. damn, i didn’t see them.
    uh, i mean, how sexist. >_>

    are there any Photos of said models?
    just for reference you understand. ^_^

    i have mixed feelings about the whole “booth babe” thing.
    personally, i’m not super ecstatic that this is how my favourite hobby chooses to market itself, but so long as these women are doing the job willingly and they’re not veering into pornography, then think i can live with it.

    but i think sticking logos on their arse and encouraging people to take pictures of them is a little much.

  3. But we want tits and we want them bigger next year! Oh wait, i forgot, i’m not a horny 13 year old. There is nothing wrong with having booth babes but if you really want people to be interested in your game, then make sure to do your best to grab people’s interest at a convention(E3,EGX etc..) without resorting to using sex. As i would prefer to get a game due to it’s appeal instead of there being tits in it. I can watch free porn if i wanted to see a pair. Also, don’t treat them like they are billboards or a stand etc..

    • I’m not a horny 13 year old either – Quite the opposite in fact.

      I’m a horny 31 year old! :D

      Ok, so i might have embellished the age a little there, but it made the joke funnier. Ok, ok, it didn’t.

      Anyway, whilst i don’t particularly agree with the objectification of women purely for the sake of marketing, the ladies at eurogamer (not ‘arse qr codes’ ladies specifically, but all ladies) do make the canvas somewhat nicer.

      I mean without them, you basically have an earls court size room full of dudes. With the odd gamer girl wandering around. Possibly feeling a bit awkward at all the guys gawping at them now that there are no ‘booth babes’.

      So perhaps the booth babes are in fact offering a decent service to gamer girls, by being ‘eye candy’ & taking some of the hit?

      • Wouldn’t the opposite be a lacklustre 31year old? ;)

        I’m here all week…

  4. Apparently, there’s a rumour that the QR codes will be hidden from view next year…. cue frenzy of upskirt photography… followed by many arrests ;)

  5. Well this is surprising news! As a first timer at Eurogamer, I did expect there to be booth girls. When waiting in line for tomb raider, I side stepped out of the way so some horny men could get a picture of their assess. I even took a picture of my partner with them as I knew he was dying for one. Yet, I did find it extremely pathetic when a one point they were literally surrounded by about 50 guys, and i said so aloud. But I suppose it’s a gaming event which is dominated by guys, so who am I to say anything?

    Does it alienate women gamers? Perhaps. Maybe they should get some booth men in tight speedoes and sexy bodys and make it equal :p

    • I found the role playing zombies more out of place at a gaming event than the booth girls. Too many times me and my mate wanted to test out the ‘destroy the brain’ theory.

  6. The 4 girls in red did attract a lot of attention as did the other girls on the booths with their norks pushed up to their chins but most of them looked like they had been rolled in Nutella.

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