007 Legends Opening Sequence

Being a bit of a Bond fan and with Skyfall, the 23rd entry into the James Bond franchise on the horizon I’m vacuuming up every snippet of information I can from the Bond universe. This snippet is pretty thin, but it is Bond.

Activision have today released the opening credit sequence for the forthcoming game, 007 Legends and, as many people will know this is the bit where silhouettes of beautiful women, men in suits and guns take centre stage.


In 007 Legends, players will experience the  evolution of James Bond by tying together five classic Bond movie-inspired missions: Moonraker, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Die Another Day, Licence to Kill, and Goldfinger. A sixth mission, based on Skyfall, will also be available post launch as downloadable content.

007 Legends will be available on PC, PS3, Wii U & Xbox 360 from 16th October depending on your region and platform of choice.

Source: YouTube.



  1. Skyfall is only to be DLC?

    I find that strange… If there was one film I thought was a dead cert to be featured, I’d assumed it would be the latest.

    Anyway, very nice opening sequence, probably using the best Bond theme of them all too.

    • I think the extra mission is DLC. The rest is on disc… I hope!

    • It’s probably not being released until after the films release for fear of spoilers.

      Of course it does depend on the likely cost as to whether its actually worth it or not…

  2. Ooo, that’s a very pretty trailer. I’m keen to see how they handle the different films in one game (or at least the essence of each film).

  3. Glang. Langalangalanga, nobody does it better – and I’m a naked woman in silhouette with a gun, spinning round – Makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it – ooh, bit of nipple – quite as good as you. Baby, you’re the best. Da, da, da – and now a really big bounce right over and I land on my feet. Da, da, da, da, da, der. I wasn’t looking, so now you found me… ooh, bit of bush, er – I tried to hide from your love life – and a woman swinging on a Luger, a giant Luger; ooh, look at that… Like heaven above me – and now another naked woman walking along the top of a gun, completely Billy Bollocks… The spy who loved me is keeping all my secrets safe tonight – and then one more big swing from the woman; legs go right up – ooh, what was that? Too late… Nobody does it half as good as you, baby you’re the best!

    • I want you immortalised in statue-form.

    • Amazing.

    • Possibly the best comment i’ve ever seen on this site, those who don’t get it are missing out!

    • Agreed, absolutely hilarious. I missed it earlier just skimming through articles, but after reading it just now was in stitches.
      Brilliant Sir ;)

  4. For England, James?

    • Yeah, sod Wales!

      • I’d love to see a Welsh James Bond!

      • Shaun the Sheep?

      • Timothy Dalton is/was. Then again, he played it very close to the books, I believe, and that didn’t work out well. :-)

      • No, i meant stereotypical Welsh tbh. Would be an interesting slant on the franchise! :D

  5. Still looks really good, but I’ll wait for some reviews and probably the price to drop.

    • This one has £15 by Xmas written all over it.

      • Especially with only 5 missions, I can’t see a playthrough being more than a few hours, I know each mission is divided into 3 or 4 chapters, but it’s hard to see why it’s worth £35-40.

      • Essentials by January sales?

      • I’m sure ther’ll be enough content to justify the price – The real question is whether the gameplay will justify the content.

        They have tended to be a little hit & miss in the past.

      • I really liked Treyarch’s QoS, but not Bizarre’s (I think) Bloodstone, it was a complete mess.

      • Eurocom did Goldeneye Reloaded & Disney Universe I think, which IMO were good, so I’m hopeful

      • Did Bond feature very prominently in Disney Universe? :P

      • Im yet to try Bloodstone, I really enjoyed QoS, thought that played very well, the single player was great.
        So looking forward to this, will have to get it cheap though, as it does seem short.

  6. It’ll be 600p cr*p.

    How can there be no girls in a Bond opening sequence!?

    • Being that it is 2012, I think it might be seen as a just a teensy bit sexist these days!

      They could of course even it out a bit by having a few dudes milling about too, but i don’t think you’ll find many straight guys that would admit to wanting to watch that.

      Personally, i couldn’t give a toss – Why not give the ladies a bit of a thrill too?

      • Because Bond is straight and likes women! Need some kind of women silhouette in the opening scene otherwise it isn’t Bond

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