“Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing” Shortlist Includes “007 Legends”

The Walking Dead, one of the most progressive examples of videogame writing in 2012, has been snubbed by The Writers Guild of America’s “Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing” in favour of – well – 007 Legends.

Telltale’s epic five part series was nothing if not intelligent and witty in its writing, with the script and storyline garnering much praise and critical acclaim. But, apparently, The Writers Guild of America doesn’t agree, and it’s simply not there.

Quite how Activision’s 007 Legends made the list is anyone’s guess.

The six games listed are, in no particular order, 007 Legends, Assassin’s Creed 3, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Halo 4 and the PS Vita’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

The Walking Dead should be there, it’s widely accepted as the current benchmark for the award the shortlist represents, but it’s good to see two Vita games involved. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, in particular, showcases the portable’s depth and grunt, and offers a decent enough story to boot.



  1. TC touched on this in yesterday’s News Snatch and I’ve been thinking how silly it looks to anyone with half an ounce of sense.
    007 Legends is a bit bonkers but Epic Mickey 2’s inclusion is batshit mental too. There are probably more than a hundred games out last year with better writing than that.

  2. I thought AC liberations story was piss poor too.

    Oh and no particular order? Alphabetical ;)

  3. Can’t understand 007 and Epic mickey being in the list but I’ve never been impressed with Telltale’s writing either.

    Liberation is a better game than AC III but neither have amazing writing. I though Max Payne was good and please to see Golden Abyss is there. I can’t think of much in the way of great writing in 2012. I’d expect 2013’s list to be vastly improved with Beyond, Last of Us, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite.

    • Walking Dead is massively overated IMHO.

      • I actually started playing Episode 1 for the first time last night, and I simply do not get where all the praise is coming from. I thought the writing in particular was average at best.

      • It’s note veryone’s cup of tea but it’s very much like an episodic TV series, viewed in isolation each episode is mediocre, but played in sequence it’s brilliant imo.

        It took me 4 episodes to like Breaking Bad, 3 episodes to get into Dexter and it’s exactly how Ther Walking Dead game works, only after the second episode was I really enjoying it.

      • Please excuse my numb-ham-fisted typing above, I have no excuse for the lack of a proof-read though :p

      • It’s all about the gamer (this time you, tc). I think it’s to do with your empathy with the characters (or lack thereof). It’s a guess so don’t shoot me but if you can’t empathise then that’s that. My mate, who has almost no empathy (as a gamer) thought the game was great for people who could be like that but to him, it was utterly useless.

        Hell, the only person he’s felt emotionally connected to was Niko Bellic! A cold-hearted, gun-toting, former military killer. :-)

        Regarding the writing (Moshbag)… it’s good but only good in the video gaming world. We have years worth of progress and maturation to get through before we can truly compete with other mediums.

      • You might be right, I can’t stand kids for more than an hour let alone have to drag an annoying one through the zombie apocalypse.

        There should of been an option to let her get eaten.

      • DJ Judas, I’ll probably play to the end to see what happens in this episode, but I doubt I’ll be compelled to buy any more (maybe a PS+ freebie will help the cause).

        Bunimomike, you are probably right, it might be decent relative to other games. I think the type of game it is draws more comparison to other media than your typical shooter etc, hence I found it lacking. I do quite like the main guy, but the limited options in taking him through the game can be quite jarring. I ended up in a chemist with some complete douchebag old man and his idiot daughter, I basically let them know this, then all of a sudden I’m faffing about looking for his heart medicine. Didn’t really work for me.

      • It’s not, but I respect YHO.

  4. Haven’t played Legends so I can’t reallly comment… However, I am going to.

    I have played Walking Dead, and I think the reason I enjoyed it so much was because I seperated myself from reviews and any hype that surrounded it at the time. Going into a game not expecting it to be GotY etc is important, for me. The writing is good, and the way it pans out relating to your actions is great.

    Must have been some serious reach around bribery to pull this one off…

  5. Clearly none of these muppets have played Spec Ops: The Line!

    • That was probably my fave of last years on terms of story & writing. It looks like they just picked a random selection of the years releases.

  6. 007 legends has been nominated. A game that is just retelling the events of the films ,which requires word and the copy and paste function of the original scripts instead of games like TWD, Max Payne 3 and so forth. I would have thought MP3 would have been nominated as it is a film in video game form and has excellent writing. Yet, 007 Legends is nominated instead. Do the people who chose the games actually play them? There were a lot of games that had excellent writing. If games like 007 Legends keep getting nominated, the chances of the gaming industry being recognised for excellent writing will be very low.

  7. I thought 007 Legends was a ‘best of Bond’ compilation?

    Does it even have a proper story?

    • Techincally yes. Bond is injured and has flashbacks to his previous adventures. Is it a good story? No as it’s lazy writing imo and is just the videogame version of a clip show because the writers couldn’t be bothered to come up with a new idea.

  8. Surprised there isn’t a nomination for mass effect 3, it certainly trumps golden abyss and epic mickey for writing even if they did rewrite the ending.

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