TSA F1 Championship 2012 Reminder

Last week we announced this year’s TSA F1 Championship, and I’m glad to see that it’s been really rather popular. However there are a handful of places on the grid remaining, and with entries closing at 11PM tonight it’s time to remind those on the fence to put their names into the hat!

We will try to accommodate latecomers, but best to get in now. Just scroll down a bit to get to the entry form at the bottom of this post.

You can get all the details about the competition on the original announcement post, whilst we had a dedicated second post for the prizes alongside the awesome Elgato Game Capture HD giveaway, but I’ll give you a quick summary of what’s going on.

Starting this coming Sunday, the 14th of October, and Monday, the 15th of October, we’ll have 5 weeks of racing. The first and third weeks will feature two shorter 5 lap races, whilst the second and fourth will be 25% races. Using standard F1 points throughout (with 5 lap races worth half), the fifth and final week of racing will see the top 8 drivers from each group face off in a grand final on Sunday 11th of November.

That’s really about it, I must say. There are some nittier and grittier explanations on the original post, but it’s mainly about racing fairly and keeping it fun whilst still fighting hard for positions.

I do have one little tidbit to announce here, ahead of Thursday’s full announcement. For the first week we’ll be visiting two tracks for a 5 lap race each, and these are Melbourne, Australia and Sepang, Malaysia. So, it’s time to get practicing!

As an extra “little” incentive, we have a pretty great pool of prizes this year. The top three drivers will get a trophy, as is tradition for this competition, and we also have Insert Coin sponsoring our competition with £10, £20 and £35 vouchers for the podium finishers, with Elgato rounding us out with some nicely branded T-shirts.

We’re also bringing back the Drivers’ Choice Award, with another little trophy and a £5 Insert Coin voucher going to the most popular driver from the rest of the pack, as voted for by the drivers. I guess the name was pretty self explanatory…

Alongside the run up to the racing, Elgato have been sponsoring us with a fantastic Game Capture HD giveaway. If you’re in the F1 Championship then you already have an entry, but there’s also an entry form to fill in on the competition post and instructions on how you can enter via twitter on top of this.

Without much further ado, I leave you with the entry form once more. We’ll be back on Thursday with the reveal of the groups and the tracks we will be racing on.

Entries are now closed, and the Championship is under way.


  1. Looking forward to getting started this weekend, need to get more practice in though!

  2. Oh man, looking forward to this. But not. Need plenty of practice. Kept falling off Sepang earlier today trying to qualify for the career race there. Just not getting to grips with DRS yet, keep opening it up way too early. Shall be spending Thursday and Friday putting lots of laps into both.

    • I noticed a considerable difference between online and offline car handling, just as the previous games, but a little more severe in this one. Although I have found that DRS a little more forgiving in this game on long curves. ;)

  3. Just got off the fence and put my name down. Practice time now! Looking forward to it

  4. Looking forward to this although I hope this championship is nothing like my career in the game, it’s rained at every race so far including Bahrain.

  5. i’ve entered but would only be availible for the last two races so if its oversubscribed (is that the correct term?) or someone else wants to enter who can make it every week then give my place to them.

  6. Are both the Sunday and Monday tournaments racing the same tracks, or a choice of two from the four that have been mentioned? I don’t mind either way, I’ll practice all four :O
    Monday 7pm for me, I’m rear gunner number two driver Massa, if anyone else decides to go for the Ferrari :P

    • Both groups will have two 5-lap races, one at Australia and the other at Malaysia.

      Week 2 will just be a single 25% race.

      • That was supposed to be a joke, but nobody took the bait. :P
        Looking forward to the write up on Thursday to find out the full details of tracks, drivers etc. Love these build ups ;)

      • Oh wow… I’m dim… ;)

  7. If I can make a request for the Monday slots, that would be magical please :-) Sunday’s are a bit more unpredictable and Monday 7pm I can certainly do – whilst on my way to a wooden spoon :D

    • If you put a yes for Monday races, then you’re racing on Mondays. :)

      So you will be on Monday!

  8. Right then, practice starts tomorrow night!

    I don’t think I read the original post properly as I hadn’t realised that there were actually two short races in weeks 1 & 3. A bit slow I know (just like on the track some might say)! All makes sense now though and an excellent idea I think.

    Hopefully see some of you on the track over the next few days.

  9. Ive only gone an done it! an thrown my name into the hat if i get picked i feel sorry for who ever i get paired with WHA HA HA and the other drivers for that matter! i will try to slow down for the corners WHA HA HA. ;D

  10. Ooooops only just seen this was for yesterday in the words of Homer Simpson DOH!!!

    • It’s cool, you can still race. :)

      • Cheers ;) i apologise in advance to my unlucky team mate and the other competitors but ill give it my best. :)

      • Not at all mate, more the merrier, it can be a struggle for any of us with this new game to keep control of the car for every lap.
        Heck, I’m not even going to use my DFGT wheel this year because I can get better laptimes in with a controller, yet last year the wheel was 2/3 seconds faster!…..really weird set up this year.

      • Thanks chief and its the slamming into the back of people under braking for corners im worried about i had a quick go in a meet in the begging and didn’t do to bad actually just a bit worried ill ruin someones race by accident. Im more used to racers like burnout NFS dirt & showdown but as i say i will give it my best even if i do finnish last which is more than possible. ;)

      • Also ive read somewhere that the people with wheels had a advantage last year but its a bit more even this year i had the dfgt wheel but couldn’t get on with it i think i actually drive better with the dualshock.

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