WeView Verdict: Sound Shapes

Is it Monday again already? Time really does fly doesn’t it? Anyway this is my simple way of saying it’s clearly time for another WeView Verdict and, perhaps a little predictably, it’s for another game that seems to have done particularly well amongst our community. At least that means our 9/10 score for Sound Shapes wasn’t out of whack with most of your experiences with the game.

[drop]However, rather than going for those of you who loved the game right off the bat, this week I’m going to push someone who didn’t enjoy the game to the front. Taylor Made seems to have caused a little astonishment with their comments, saying that it “ain’t good what’s so ever” and that the only “good thing about it is composing your own music.” Whilst some defended the game, albeit in a very civil manner, ultimately Taylor Made said that they “expected more than what was offered.”

Whilst Taylor Made wasn’t entirely alone, Gadbury shared a similar sentiment and regretted buying the game, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of you had fallen in love with the game a little bit. ricey787 called it “one of the best games on my Vita” and said the game took them by surprise. AbsolutelyClam was equally effusive, praising it as “One of the best experiences I’ve had with my PS3 since I got it to replace my broken Vita,” although they did note that once their Vita had been repaired they found the portable version of the game to have a much better editor due to the touch screen controls.

manky_ was just as happy to pile adoration onto the game, being one of the many to praise Beck’s contribution to the game. In fact they went so far as to say it’s worth buying “For the Beck album and Beat School alone.” However, they did give people fair warning that they should “expect controller to meet wall in Death Mode.”

It wasn’t entirely opinions at the extremes though, with DixNeuf rating the game as Plus It. They felt that game provided “no real challenge” meaning that they “breezed through it”. However, they did praise the game somewhat, saying that it’s “definitely nice to look at it and visually fairly unique,” and were fair enough to note whilst they didn’t enjoy the editor all that much, “your mileage will vary depending on whether you like that sort of thing”. A very balanced view point I feel.

Because I’m feeling kind this week, I’m going to let Taylor Made and Gabury count as votes for Avoid It, although they didn’t explicitly pick an option from the rating scale. They give Avoid It a total of two votes, and in an identical move Plus It also picked up two this week. However, a landslide victory goes to Buy It with thirteen votes.

As you can see, Sound Shapes and Final Fantasy XIII-2 have vanished from this week’s poll, coming top and bottom respectively. WipEout 2048 hangs on for another week (I’m sure it’ll get to the top eventually), and Twisted Metal extends its stay. As for additions, we’ve got one of the 360’s big guns in the form of Gears of War 3, and a new IP from this year, Dragon’s Dogma. Remember, you’ve only got till midnight to vote.


  1. Dragon’s Dogma would be an interesting one.
    WipEout would be a wasted week imo as if you’ve played one WipEout you’ve played them all.

  2. Dragons Dogma would be nice, sadly haven’t gotten to finish it. Lost interest.

  3. Weview made me buy this game – and i love it!

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