PS Vita Version Of Jet Set Radio Delayed

Sega have issued a press release that states the PS Vita version of Jet Set Radio has been delayed until further notice.

The delay has been caused by ‘necessary development optimisations’ and a new date will be announced ‘soon’.


The game was recently released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita version was expected this week as part of the regular Store updates.

Source: Press Release



  1. :'(

  2. Bummer.

    I think.

    I’ve never played this game before, it looks weird. Is it actually as good as people say?

    • Try the trial on ps360, I have never played it before but loved the art of the game & would look superb. Similar to borderlands but more colourful art style wise

  3. Funk it, I’m no longer looking forward to this game, I waited too long for it. See it when I see it.

  4. Darn! Well, well, not much we can do but wait. I hope they can bring out a remaster of Future for the Vita aswell at some point, that would be fantastic!

  5. Odd. The original game was for the Dreamcast, the Vita should have enough horse power to do it without many optimizations in the first place. Or maybe sales for the PS360 were not so good (the game always had a niche market) and SEGA is not putting too many human resources to complete it in time, which seems more likely.

    • Its a download and a Dreamcast game which is bound to attract like plenty of sales across all platforms. Can’t see it being that.

    • Are they trying to fit some Vita specific features maybe?

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