Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack Announced

Forza Horizon’s Rally Expansion Pack has just been announced via the official channels.


Included in the 1,600 Microsoft Points purchase (or free, as part of the Season Pass) will be new events, new cars and new achievements.

Details are currently thin on the ground, but there’s at least a release date – December 18th – and some basic info. The Pack promises to deliver an “immersive and authentic rally racing experience” and will throw players off-road with some new surface types, which appears to include mud.

Players will, according to the blurb, experience authentic rally action behind the wheel of rally-tuned cars, complete with co-driver calls, and much more.

We’ll have our review of the game very soon.



  1. How can you have an ”immersive and authentic rally racing experience” in an arcade oriented game? Sounds daft. Also the fact the Season pass is 4000MSP is a complete joke. After playing the demo my mind was made up…pre-order cancelled. Bargain bin pickup only.

    • 4000msp is very steep, although I reserve judgement until I’ve seen what they plan to release.

      Overall I don’t see the appeal of Season Passes, most content will inevitably go on sale at some point anyway, sometimes for even less than the Season Pass itself!

      • I’m going to take a wild guess…The Forza 4 Pass was 2400MSP and in that you got six car packs of varying quality (mostly 1/2 decent cars and 8 duffers) so add that to the ‘Rally Pack’ at 1600MSP and there you go, 4000MSP. I might be wrong, but I doubt it.

        Oh and yes, all the cars will be the exact same ones we’ve all been buying time and time again, copy and pasted from previous Forza titles.

        Cynical, but true.

        Like you say, by the time most of these have come out, the first ones will already have been in sales. Wise man waits. They know they’re taking a huge gamble with this change of directions so presumably want as much money upfront as possible, before the inevitable ‘down the shitter’ route I personally think this game will go.

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