Sony’s New PSN Store Already Live In Australia

Sony’s new PSN Store, which is meant to go live later today, has already appeared in Australia and New Zealand this morning. It’s not yet currently available in the UK.


The brand new store, which we revealed last week, sports fancy visuals and a much simpler user journey, designed to make buying games and relevant content much easier.

As we said, the ability to sort and filter your downloads isn’t yet in there – new features will roll out every month and this is obviously going to be one of them.

The new Store requires a 26MB download, and early reports suggest it takes a lot longer to load up. We’ll see for ourselves later today.

You can read our first hand thoughts on it here.



  1. Not sure if I like it. Demos now need at least 5 clicks to be downloaded, where as on the old store it was only 2.

    Scrolling through content is also a little laggy.

  2. It looks fantastic, but everything just seems to be a bit slow. The downloads list is truly horrendous though, it takes much longer to scroll through it. Surely Sony knows this and will implement some kind of filter system in the upcoming updates. Also, much of the content seems to be a bit jumbled, I guess I’m just used to seeing the newest things first, at least there is a sort function.

    Oh well, it’s a decent start, hopefully it will improve with the updates,

  3. Maybe you can press the circle button to bypass the update until it goes v1.20 :P

    • Damn, I shoulda tried that :) Oh well, at least it looks pretty.

  4. comments already saying its slow and is taking more clicks to download things….not a good sign to start off with.

    • I hope the speed issues are just a teething problem as that was my biggest gripe with the old store.

    • Golden rule. Make it structurally sound and as few clicks as possible to access the content in an intuitive way. The design and look works around that.

      Oh dear. :-\

  5. i downloaded the store on my aus psn account, the first load up took ages, second load was quicker. but it must be having teething problems with me accessing it from uk, because it takes ages for the content to show up.

    ill make up my mind when i get the uk one.

  6. you mean Australia got something before the rest of the world? Are you certain they havent been given the old store redesign we have been stuck with the last few years, thats the usual trend :p

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