What We Played #75: Dishonored, Derreck The Deathfin, Democracy 2

What We Played

This past weekend I finally got around to playing through Mass Effect 3‘s Leviathan DLC.  And I loved it.  Not for the gameplay, which was good enough, but fairly run of the mill, but for its fleshing out of the Mass Effect universe.

I have also played a bunch of solo multi-player (so, single player?) missions in ME3’s online mode to tick off a few of the new challenges while my usual gun-toting comrades are still AWOL.  After all those solo runs I feel like I should break out into a rendition of the Blue Suns Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear The Reapers’ with Tali and Liara on backing vocals.


After a break of a week or so Borderlands 2 got taken out for a spin with a couple of friends.  Still good, still Borderlands.  And rounding out my list this week I have been playing a bit of Move Fitness to see if I can fit a few of its workouts into my free time with autumn and the associated dark evenings now in residence.  I can but the space I have is just barely big enough.  It does however mean that I am using my PS Moves for the first time in a looong while.

Dan has started playing through Dishonored “which is most enjoyable” by all accounts.  Not quite enjoyable enough to prevent him becoming seriously sidetracked by the “brilliant” anime Spice and Wolf though.

Resident Evil 6 is “just average” according to Aran.  By trying to appeal to fans of both action and survival horror it seems that Capcom have created a game that is unlikely to satisfy either group.

You may have read his review of NBA 2K13, which received an 8.  In summary he says it “is good fun to play once you get the hang of it”.  Notably he highlights the fact that the MyCareer mode is also more immersive than EA’s rival Be A Pro mode.  His The Witcher 2 adventures have finally reached the 2nd disc and he is “still loving it”.

Testing an early build of the latest creation from Michael (he of husky fame) has consumed a fair amount of Chris’ time this week.  “I hope he won’t mind me saying that even at this pre-pre-pre-alpha stage it’s great fun & perfectly suited to the platform.”

When it comes to published games he has been playing some FIFA 13 in between saving the Earth from yet more aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  Chris is not the only person I know that is playing the game to have restarted after getting about a dozen hours in and finding that “the ramifications of my building priorities turned disastrous and my combat veterans were recovering from injury leaving me with very difficult missions to do with rookies”.

Keeping up with requests from various countries had also become a problem leading to them dropping out of the Council.  “Going through again I’ve tweaked my research & building priorities and am being more cautious during the combat missions ensuring that my flanking soldier isn’t too isolated, surrounded and picked off by the aliens.”

Between savage bouts of man-flu Tuffcub has been variously playing “working on my DJ set for this weekend”, “writing news for TSA” and Derreck The Deathfin.  What he does not tell us is whether any of those were more fun than the man-flu so we can but speculate.

Finally this week Peter, caught up in the ‘excitement’ of this week’s presidential debate, bought a Mac-compatible game off Steam called Democracy 2.  Not without issue though.  “The Steam install didn’t work so I had to email the company that ported it – Red Marble Games. They were quick and pleasant and sent me a direct download to just get the game from their website, which was excellent customer service.”

Democracy 2 is “basically a rough political simulation where you take control of a fictional country and set policy in an effort to get re-elected”.  In doing so “you have to balance all the usual country-running things like state schools, military spending and taxes in order to satisfy voter groups and raise your approval rating”.

[drop2]It seems that the challenge of herding cats which is running TSA is good training for a career in politics as when it come to the game Peter is apparently “spectacularly good at it”.  “In my first game, I’ve already been re-elected once and I’ve created a true socialist utopia with a large, strong economy and my approval rating is really good.”  Okay, maybe not so much like running TSA then.  :-p

Seeming concerned that we might not believe that he has found a game that he is good at, he has provided the adjacent picture to prove it.  “That’s my approval rating with all those groups and the bar along the bottom is my overall rating.”

“I might run for office” concludes Peter.  And let’s face it given that one of the candidates for the US presidency can’t understand why you cannot open windows on aircraft, presumably he’s talking about airliners, perhaps Peter would not be the worst choice.

Or perhaps his thoughts about running America stem from his recent experiences in another game set in revolutionary times that he cannot tell us about yet…

Enough about us, what have you been playing?



  1. Just MGS4 really nothing exciting this week, played some resi5 with nickboss somehow we managed to communicate without a mic pretty well lol

    Tried to play max Payne 3, I just can’t get into this game what so ever, I mean how do you slo mo dive while shooting lol

    • Make sure you have a spare 1-2 hours when you defeat Liquid as the ending is over 1 hour long. :O

      • I’m on my second play through, my trouble with this game is I keep getting this little disc on the corner screen with a question mark then it freezes, I know it’s not the disc or my ps3, I just don’t know

    • Slo mo dives depend on what controller configuration you have. liklihood is that its either R1 or R2 though.

      • Thanks, I will give it a go tonight :)

  2. A bit of Rage, slowly getting back into it – great game!

    However I’ve discovered the quite brilliant FIFA Ultimate Team, and I’m addicted, so it’s been taking up most of my time. I bought a few packs this week and was fortunate to get a Team of the Week player (and the subsequent trophy which I thought I’d never get). It was a pretty rubbish TOTW so I sold him for 9,000+ coins. I was also fortunate enough to get Lucas Moura (Pace 92 FTW!!) in a pack last night.

    On Vita, just some more LBPV level creation – got my 24-hour in create mode trophy! Level should be finished soon.

    Tonight I’m probably going to play The Walking Dead ep4, Rage and Hitman Sniper Challenge (I want to reach the 50M mark so I have some extra equipment when the full game comes out).

    • Ugh, Rage – Flashbacks of sheer annoyance. :(

      Still, i do still have Borderlands 2 & Dishonored at home, so that brightens my day! :)

      • Let it go Forrest ;)

        I hear you can complete Rage in about 6 hours, so it could be worth doing for the Plat….if you can borrow or rent a copy, as I recall you trading it in! I’m hoping to avoid a second playthrough….wish me luck!

      • No no, its simply not worth my time – Especially 6 hours of it (it would also be more than that anyway, as the main thing that f*cked me up was the collectibles that got locked off in areas you couldn’t return to).

        Plus there is the fact that it requires that bleeding 8GB install. Sod that for a game of fish fingers.

        The shooty bits were ok of course (they bloody should be as it was made by ID!) & they had some good ideas, but i really can’t help but feel it was just a bad version of a fallout/borderlands hybrid thing.

        Oh & lets not talk about the ending. In fact, i definitely won’t as you haven’t finished it yet, but lets just say i was less than satisfied.

        A LOT less.

        Rant over. Everything is calm & serene once again. :)

      • Fair enough matey ;)
        I’m rather enjoying it, and I didn’t like Borderlands, so for me it takes some of the good similarities, and leaves the rubbish bits. I have heard the ending is rubbish, but if I get the platinum and can cross if off my backlog list, that’ll be sufficient satisfaction for me!
        It’s always prefered when a game warns you “If you continue, you won’t be able to revisit, blah blah…”. At Least then you would have known! Mind you, since Rage is short, and a lot of games require 3 playthroughs for the platinum, I don’t it’s a problem that’s exclusive to Rage.

  3. I’m still beating my snake. Completed MGS3 on Sunday. Best in the series imo. And does an excellent job of explaining the origins of Metal Gear(the machine not game) without actually going into too much detail. Although Volgin’s lighting powers are unexplained but it’s MGS and there is some stuff that is a bit supernatural. Didn’t like the fact that they removed the nightmare cutscene as they have removed the codec dialogue that follows afterwards. From Sigint’s shitty dream to Snake having words with Paramedic. I understand that they didn’t or could do the dream sequence but why not just include the cutscene?

    Started Peace Walker on sunday. Had trouble getting into it untill 2 days ago. Feels odd not being able to crawl and the mission structure. I miss the half hour monologue cutscenes though and the bosses don’t live up to the ones that you encounter in every MGS game. It’s just AI weapons. Tis disappointing. Oh and the first one is Shagohod on Steroids and speed. Am enjoying it but the camo system is useless due to the inabiltiy to crawl as that what i did in MGS3. Crawled to avoid being spotted and equiping camo to raise the camo index. At Chapter 2 so far and just defeated the flying one.

    Fought the first one again to get some MG parts. And have done a lot of side missions. Sent some soldiers on extra ops but only on missions that have a D+ or a C rating to avoid losing. Managed to capture 3 vehicles so far and have got a lot of people.

    • Snake eater doesn’t explain a lot of things like why did that guy control the hornets how dies he do it or why vamp can run on water must be nano machines lol

      The first time I played snake eater & got to the sorrow part & ‘died’ I pressed continue so many times & didn’t get what am doing wrong till I actually read the menu properly lol. I’m contemplating weather to get MGS1 on the vita cause I know it’s dated but I never played that

      • It’s MGS, nuff said. I’ve learned to accept whatever crazy ideas Kojima puts in them without explaining as well,. that is a part of MGS. Although they did cock up with Vamp. Tis worth getting it. It’s dated but the plot is worth it. And does an excellent job of introducing you to the MG franchise. This was back before the Patriots were involved(i think) and has a better cutscene to gameplay Ratio then 4 did.(swear it was just 98% cutscene, 2% gameplay). Tis roughly 6-8 hours long if i remeber correctly.

  4. got a new xbox, so i’ve been playing minecraft again, not that i really stopped, but i’m playing it with a pad and lazing about on my sofa. ^_^

    also, Saint’s Row The Third, xbox version this time.
    trouble is i can’t find that sheet i printed out with the formula to make Kate Beckinsale, because my every attempt at making a character always end up looking horrible.
    and being on xbox i can’t even access the community features to download other people’s custom characters from the Saints Row site.
    not without paying for gold.

    there’ the cockney gangster bloke, i’d like to see a female equivalent as well next time.

    also a bit more Kingdoms of Amalur.
    it still saddens me that such a promising studio as the one behind this had to close.
    with a first title of that quality, who knows what they could have done in the future.

    if ea have any sense they will have snapped up all the staff.

    anyway, it still looks like there’s a hell of a lot of game left to go.

    • Many games can be improved by playing while lazing about on a sofa. :-)

      Was it this Kate Beckinsale character formula?

      I’ve had SR3 since launch but have yet to start playing it!

      • sweet, thanks for that, i think that was the one.

        the amazing thing with getting a character this way is slowly seeing them start looking more like that person.
        it’s like seeing them slowly morph.

        you should give SR3 a try though, it’s great fun.
        mental, but fun.

        well, i’m off to find my nearest Image As Designed. ^_^

      • SR3 was great – The test is to play GTA IV & then play SR3 & see which one you have more fun with. Hands down it’ll be Saints Row.

      • i’m working my way down the list, and the eyes already look like hers.

        and there’s the nose.


        and there she is.

        it amazes me how people can create such accurate representations of people in these character creation things.
        mainly because of how little skill i have in that respect. ^_^

      • yeah, Saints Row was way more fun.

      • GTA IV is way up there on my list of least fun games of this generation. I think it even beats “guess when GT5 will finish installing” for tediousness.

        SR3 is one of those games I’m waiting until I can get a spare half day or so to jump into. Unfortunately it’s not the only game on that list and spare half days are in extremely short supply…

  5. I got my approval rating even higher than that late last night – I was re-elected with 98% of the vote in my last election (although turnout was dreadful – presumably because nobody had any pressing concerns since I’m so good at running countries). I should definitely have an office somewhere important, at least.

  6. Last weekend consisted of playing Joe Danger 2 until I had 100% … which was accomplished. Then I got stuck into WRC 3, which I platinumed in 4 days.
    The last few days have been spent with the sublime Unfinished Swan and last night I fired up Doom 3 BFG edition and started playing through Doom 1 for the umpteenth time.
    Then of course there’s been the usual weekly dose of TSA meets … Dirt Showdown, Ridge Racer Unbounded and THPS HD.

    And all this whilst being bunged up with the cold.

  7. 007 week!
    Been playing King of Fighters XII which I have finally got the Platinum. Took 3 years.
    I have been hammering 007 Multiplayer – Blood Stone and Golden Eye.
    Blood Stone will be almost finished cannot believe that one took 2 years to get there (500 matches played….. yikes) As for Golden Eye I am currently level 31 so getting there.
    Next week will be Medal of Honor: Warfighter non-stop

  8. Still a bit of borderlands 2 for me, my dirt showdown arrived so i’ll be joining tuesdays meet :)
    Also been playing both joe dangers,a bit of lbp vita and started rayman origins on vita :)

  9. As it’s just me and the Vita these days Ive been playing LBP Vita which is fun, but is starting to lose its originality, especially in the story levels. The community levels are still crazy which is lucky.
    Also have Ridge Racer which could of been good if it had more content, im already bored of it after about a dozen races.
    Ordered MGS HD for the Vita now, never played the older MGS titles so really looking forward to giving them a go :D

  10. I’ve played approx 14 hours of Dishonored and i believe i’m about halfway through the game, just about to enter The Golden Cat (That’s not a euphenism btw.. ). I would have played more of it by now but i can’t play it unless i have a few hours to spare, i find it difficult to switch it off once i start playing as i get totally immersed in it. Fantastic game, can’t wait to continue it over the weekend.
    Other than that it’s been SoundShapes, Treasure Park and BreakQuest 2 mini (sadly not as good as the original BreakQuest mini)
    Oh and i also bought Unfinished Swan but i’m saving that for the weekend – something to temper my ‘leave no witnesses alive’ run through Dishonored.. ;)

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