Podcast: Episode 80 – Dishonored, Batman and XCOM

I wasn’t on this week’s podcast so you’ll have to bear with me. Kris says he talked about Batman: Death the Family and the Avengers Versus X-Men. Lewis assures us that he spoke about XCOM and Dishonored – which anyone who follows him on twitter will know he’s really enjoying. He also says he talked about The Dictator. I assume he means that film with Ali G in it rather than any actual dictators.

Kev was on the podcast but I’m not sure what he talked about. Probably funny voices and a bit of singing. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m off for a listen.

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  1. Good old podcast but I do miss it when Peter’s not on.

  2. Peter, you need to stop copy and pasting the previous week’s podcast article as there is no PSN code this week. Unless you forgot to tell me to inform people about the incentive in this week’s thread.

    • Oh, isn’t there? Sorry everyone, Steven says no so I’ll put this PSN code away… ;)

      I want to give away some PSN credit on the podcast every week for a little while. I’m going to guess that the guys didn’t do it this week though (because I forgot to remind them) so we’ll do a rollover on next week’s :)

      • They did give away PSN credit in this podcast…

      • I’m just the damn messager! Blame Kris for not telling me via tweet to mention it in the thread! If i don’t know about it, i won’t include it due to not knowing about it. ;) You can still do it this week as i can edit the thread due to no-one posting in it yet. If not, then feel free to edit it in. :) I’ll take a code for my role in creating the threads on a weeklyish basis. ^-^

      • Ooh, so who won the credit??

        Can’t listen at work you see… :S

      • Judging by Tuffcub’s tweet, he won it. That or Peter has bribed him with a code to prevent him from going 100% smutty. Apparently, he is only allowed to be 50% smutty. :O

      • If I tell you it defeats the point of giving it away on the podcast :-p

        However, it wasn’t Tuffcub, nor could it be.

      • oooh, good work remembering dudes!

        It’s not Tuffcub, I sent him PSN credit ages ago for something else and he’s just found it.

  3. Thanks for the answer guys :) Haha, you made me laugh a lot. Awesome Birmingham accent there, although i’d say it was slightly more Wolverhampton :P

    I did originally want get into making games, mainly focusing on programming AI as that’s something that’s always been of interest to me. I used to do a lot of it for a Jurassic Park game about 5 years ago. I was going to take a Games Development course in college and go on from there, but i ended up changing to A Levels last minute as i heard the course was basically a load of crap and was just a waste of time.

    I never gave up the dream though, but i changed it to bring in another hobby of mine which is digital art. I’d also love to be a concept artist for games. My skills are good, but they aren’t quite to that level yet, so that’s on the backburner.

    But again, thanks for the advice guys! You’re all really sweet. And I promise you i didn’t ask it due to the money incentive :P

  4. I was a little surprised that, after Kev said “I think I’d quite like to get Madden”, that neither Kris nor Lewis went for the easy response of “Nah, don’t get Madden. Get evenen.”

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