Sony Release Third Teaser, ‘The Aftermath’

One more day until we find out exactly what these trailers are about and the latest does seem to indicate it may be PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The scene shows an elderly gent clearing up after what appears to the aftermath of a battle. The machete is said to belong to Sweet Tooth and comments on YouTube seem to think one of the keys is the Keyblade from Kingdom hearts and Sly Cooper’s cane is hanging on the wall.

Source: YouTube



  1. Yeah, I’d think it’s All Stars as well. I’d find it a bit disappointing that it wasn’t for something bigger if that were the case though.

  2. The guy who is sweeping is also in the Michael advert

  3. That much to launch one single game, when they don’t spend a cent to promote other games? Seems like a typical day at Sony’s HQ to me.

  4. Very yawnsome trailers to be honest. I’m not interested in the game but if it is for that then this is a truly tiresome way to get it across to people.

    • I don’t find it tiresome, I love pondering about details and I find the dark tone very exciting. It’s many parsecs ahead of the typical “explosions and dubstep-approach” that’s going around. But it would be better if they had released all three teasers as one instead, as they are very short.

      • Yep. That’s the tiresome factor for me. The content is okay, if we lasso it altogether, but the damn thing is strung out in piecemeal form and is sooooo boring to watch.

        I love a good trailer (even when it’s for a game that I most certainly won’t play) but this series of tiny “half” trailers, as it were, is pants. :-(

      • It’s 3 teasers for one full trailer they’re releasing tomorrow. I don’t see any problem with that

  5. this site is turning in to moan central lately.

    • then stop moaning…? :-P

    • :)

    • Anyway, nothing wrong with a good moan mate – It’s all part of this ‘opinion’ thing we all have.

      Some will love stuff, some will hate stuff & its all part of the process. I try to justify my moans where i can, but at the least, it prompts additional discussion on why people feel that way, no?

      Also, things would be pretty dull if we all liked the same stuff.

  6. At 0:06 you see the tattoos on her feet, it’s a sword or key of some sort, as well as the word or name “Boko”. That’s a Chokobo nickname, indicating the presence of Final Fantasy.

  7. Well the full trailer is up and it is yawnstars… pity.


    yep, All Stars.

    it’s cool and all that, it’s just i’m not sure the tone fits the game, at least for the first half.

    Sackboy certainly seems a little out of place.
    but once the fighting starts it’s pretty cool.
    though i think our Kev looks more like Drake than that guy, could he do those fighting moves though?

    still, cool though.

    and i bet it’s better than what they’d put out for europe.
    something like two old men playing chess in a park with pieces that look like the characters.
    or that mental, and not in the good way, this is living campaign.

  9. They spend money on these poor trailers when they don’t spend any money on loads of fantastic games that have come out over the last year.

    Sony baffle not only me but everyone.

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