Portal 2 To Get Move Support (And New Levels) Next Week

Portal 2, one of the best games of last year, is to get a sizable chunk of PS3-exclusive DLC next week in the form of In Motion, a PlayStation Move-based expansion.


Developed by Sixense, In Motion will introduce new ideas to the Portal 2 universe, such as scaling and rotation of objects, and Portal Surfing. The test chambers will “look familiar” but require new approaches, according to the developers.

Portal 2 will also be available to download from the PSN Store at the same time, complete with Move support for the whole campaign. This’ll be patched into the disk-based version too.

Sadly, it won’t be free, although PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get the game for 30% off the normal price of $10, or whatever that translates to in Europe and the UK.



  1. As much as i have looked forward to this, i dunno if i am willing to part with my cash for the extra content, without at least trying it out first – any news on if demo will be available?
    P2 is a great game, but i dont think i have played it since completing the story, nothing really pulling me back :(

  2. So, you have to pay for Move support for the main game even if you’re not buying the dlc? That’s a shame as i was looking forward to trying it out.

  3. I’ll probably buy it at a later date. I’ve got too much to play already.

  4. So the move patch isn’t free?

  5. Hmm. May give me an excuse to run through the game again. Oh wait I’ve not got move and have Portal 2 on the 360. Oh well it’s still an incredible game regardless of platform. Imagine it with kinect? How rubbish would that be?!

  6. Might have to buy this again.

  7. The PC version is amazing. I’m trying to create chambers I’m just a bit pants. I might pick this up again on PS3. Depends on the cost. I like the idea of having a HD based version…

  8. This…. interests me. Although the wait of 18 months to bring it out is a tad extreme, it’s not at all like Valve to keep people waiting on them announcing something……

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