Sony Announce Q2 Financials

Sony have announced their financial results for the 2nd quarter of the year, the period from July to September 2012. Frustratingly, though, they’ve repeated what they did last quarter and have lumped the PS3 in with the PS2, and the Vita in with the PSP.

This massively skews the unit numbers, as all we can really gather is that combined the PS3 and PS2 sold 3.5 million units, and together the Vita and PSP moved 1.6 million units. It’s difficult to pull those apart to see how the PS3 and Vita are selling individually.


In terms of cash, Sony as a whole shifted $20,573 million, with an operating income of $388 million and a net loss of just under $200 million. The gaming division reported sales of $1,899 million and an operating income of $29. Remember that these figures would include the Gaikai acquisition.

Some data via GAF.



  1. Another loss for Sony, how long can a company keep going making a loss? How big is their debt overall?

    • Agreed, fella. You think “how long can a company tread water for?”.

      Panasonic, Sharp and Sony are all on triple-B-minus ratings which is shit! They’re an investment risk from hell and it breeds total uncertainty on the market’s perception of them. These were Japanese giants in their day but they’ve completely failed to adapt with the times (think: Samsung, Google, Apple).

      Funny how such simple and fundamental thinking can have such impact on a business. The bigger question is, for me, how did this even happen in the first place? It’s so shockingly shortsighted I sometimes sit here stunned by Sony’s decisions.

    • they have improved massive if you look at the last few years what ever kaz is doing it is working.

  2. Gaming division revenue for the quarter down 16% year on year.

    Cut the annual sales forecast of PSP+Vita by 17% from 12m to 10m.
    One would presume because of sluggish Vita sales & no real confidence the better value bundles will turn it around?

    • That sounds alright; Microsoft’s was down something like 97% wasn’t it? Or was that something completely different?

  3. $20,573 million……….. thats a whole lot of millions, billions in fact :P

    • And with an operating cost of only $29 for the gaming division too ;)

      • Ha! They don’t have enough money to buy one of their own games.

  4. I’m not seeing a big R&D/tooling-up/infrastructure investment in next-gen in Sony’s figures. In the year before both the PS2 & PS3 release, Sony’s gaming division suffered billions in ‘losses’ attributed to development & infrastructure investment of forthcoming tech. Obviously it’s most likely the PS4 won’t be featuring great, but weird stuff like a Cell CPU etc and will be using ‘off the shelf’ parts like an AMD CPU/GPU, but Sony have often repeated they are a manufacturing company so obviously like to do a lot of manufacturing work themselves so I may be reading too much into it, but manufacturing infrastructure investment should be starting to show, surely – after all the PS3 production will continue so it’s not like factories will open up one day & make something else.

    It could be moved in another department figures or of course it may not have started yet, but production will need to hit full swing by the summer so millions can be shipped for a potential ‘golden quarter’ release.

    • Maybe because there will be no PS4 next year. Or, shocking, they will outsource the PS4 production to Foxxcon and save some cents in the process. How that goes along with a manufacturing company I don’t know, but it works wonders for Microsoft and Apple. Sony needs to get their company sorted really soon. Besides the PS3 and Vita, I see no reason to buy any other product they do. TVs are too expensive to what we get, audio receivers are bad (bought one and returned it the next day for one by Yamaha), cell phones are inexpressive, their MP3 players can’t make a dent in the market, etc. The list is so long that it’s easier to say that if Sony closed down all shops and stayed only a gaming company would be a safer bet in the future. Except that they are starting to screw up in this area as well.

      • I don’t think this is true, but then I’ve always had a sony soft spot.

        The NEX cameras are awesome for a start.

  5. Ha! Sony must lump the PS3 in with the PS2, and the Vita in with the PSP purposely so we will never know the sales figures.

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