Podcast: Episode 81 – Assassin’s Creed III, Halo 4 and Skyfall

It’s the full compliment of your usual podcasting quartet this week. Kev is fresh off the plane from New York, having made it out just before Hurricane Sandy turned the greatest city on Earth into a bit of a disaster zone.

While he was over there, he did manage to see a movie which isn’t released on this side of the Atlantic until February next year – Cloud Atlas sounds very interesting indeed.

Kris talked a bit about Halo but don’t worry, he didn’t go on for too long or get too deep into the fiction. I got to bore everyone with a bit more talk on Assassin’s Creed III and Lewis told us about Bond’s latest outing in Skyfall.

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  1. P.S. Louise and rht992 have both got some PSN credit waiting for them. Can you throw me an email to peter at thesixthaxis dot com and I’ll send your code back in reply?

    • They both said I could have it, could you send it along to my email address?


    • Awesome! I’d forgotten about that. ^^

    • haha awesome on the down side I think all that bleeping burst an ear drum. Which I totally deserved.

  2. Would love to listen to this weeks podcast, however the MP3 link is for episode 80 not 81 like it should be.

    • the link should be fixed now guys, thanks for pointing this out. :)

  3. Not sure whether this is just me, but the mp3 file downloads episode 80 not 81 (on my vita)

  4. Sky Foal.

  5. when it comes to Disney owning Star wars, i’m kinda hopeful actually.

    they’ve done a great job with Marvel since they bought them.

    imagine if they did something similar to the Marvel cinematic universe with star wars.

    i was just about to write about the crossover potential when you started talking about it.

    imagine the Guardians of The Galaxy in the Star Wars universe.

    there has been a Star Trek, X-Men crossover, apparently Uatu and Q know each other.

    i’m looking forward to seeing the Cloud Atlas.
    the trailers looked, frankly weird, but from the Wachowskis i think it’ll be worth watching.
    i actually liked the two Matrix sequels, their Speed Racer movie was cool, but i think they might have been hampered by having to make it into a kiddie friendly film, take out that bloody kid and his monkey and i’d have enjoyed it even more.

    bloody february though?
    still, my local cineworld is opening an Imax screen in a couple of week so hopefully they’ll be showing this on that screen.

    one quick note, they’re not the Wachowski brothers anymore.
    Larry transitioned and is now Lana.
    her experience of being transgender is part of why they chose to make this particular movie according to one interview i read.

    i got five on the quiz.

    i had bumfleemon for number 8, thought it might have been one of the lesser known digimon from one of the digimon games. ^_^

  6. Only started listening to these podcasts around number 70, so I’m a relative noob. I do enjoy them, but Kris needs to stop doing that thing where he finishes every sentence like it’s a question! Think the technical term is HRT (High Rise Terminals)?

    • I always think of that as “talking like an Australian” :)

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