Sony Hiring For PS2 Emulation Engineer For PS3

New models of the PlayStation 3 don’t feature PS2 backwards compatibility, but certain games have made the leap onto the PS3 via software emulation, and then been made available via the PSN Store for a fee. The games available haven’t been that exciting in the whole, though.

A recent job posting on the official PlayStation Jobs site suggests that Sony might be ramping up the number of titles, though, or at least getting better at making that emulator sing.


The job, for a “PS2 Emulation Debug Engineer” at either Liverpool or London, requires the applicant to have PS2 coding experience, familiarity with MIPS assembler and be proficient in C/C++ programming. Is that you, by any chance?

It’d be wonderful if this was a wholesale software emulator so we could feed in any old PS2 disk, but that’s sadly unlikely.



  1. The apsolute only reason i want to play a ps2 game on my ps3 (slim) is for kingdom hearts saga. thats it… can i get that on the psn store plz

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