PSN Store Update: 07/11/12 – The One With The Vikings

And still no Retro City Rampage...
[drop2]Today’s PlayStation Store Update sees the release of When Vikings Attack (£7.99), the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita cross-play title from Manchester-based Clever Beans.

We quite liked it in our review, and it’s a great multiplayer title with some mates.

Also available is LittleBigPlanet Karting (£39.99), which we quite liked but noticed a few issues with – it’s wonderful in Create mode, but the single player isn’t particularly strong – see if you agree if you add it to your download list.

There’s also the Devil May Cry HD Collection (£19.99) – the first three DmC games in HD – and Platinum Games’ Vanquish (£11.99), which is a superb third person shooter with stacks of fast-paced action. If you’ve not played Vanquish, do so, it’s really good!

Also look out for the European release of DYAD (£7.99), quirkly PSN platformer pid (£7.99), The Darkness II, a playable demo of the new Epic Mickey title and the Toejam & Earl and games (£3.69 each) – all for PS3. The F1 Race Stars demo is also there – full review of that soon…

Obviously, Counter Strike GO isn’t there. Less obviously, there’s still no Retro City Rampage. “Once we have word from the devs that we can share we’ll be sure to let you know,” said SCEE’s Jawad Ashraf on that matter. “I’m not able to provide details,” he added.


  1. No list of content or link to the blog this week then? :S

  2. I hope retro city will get an eu release, was feeling awful tempted to grab the usa version… Make for a bit of a pain swapping memoery cards on vita tho…

  3. F1 Demo for me, thanks very much.

  4. Right thats it i cant fucking take it anymore the store is fucking shit its to much like the xbox store same shit plastered everywhere. When you go to whats new and it dont even show you the new fucking stuff on the store. The only people i have to thank for letting me know whats on this heap of shite is everyone at the sixthaxis. Rant over cheers guys

    • Clam down dear! lol

      It shows you the latest things if you scroll to the right – Yes, you have to go through the adverts for the promoted games & it is a little more awkward to get to now, but other than that, it’s pretty much as it was before on that front.

      At least you don’t have ads on your dahboard that have absolutely eff all to do with gaming!

      • Well the Swedish store have yet to have the new games in the latest game squere.

        The new store is really slow to update with the new games.

  5. Have bought pid and DYAD.

    Tried the F1 Race Stars demo and whilst the actual racing seems fun, I definitely will not be buying the full game, as, according to the in game information ticker, it will only have 11 different tracks … seriously, 11, that is a pitiful amount of tracks, I would have expected at least twice that amount if not more. May pick it up once it’s selling for a tenner or less.

    • Eleven tracks … so, more than Dirt 3 had then ..;)

    • 100% with you on that R1M, will definately not be a day one purchase for me. Apart from being cutesy it didn’t have anything stand out going that shouted “best get that pre-ordered!”
      Jeez, it’s costing more than the far superior looking Sonic and Sega All Stars Transformed, which will far more likely be a day one purchase!
      Disappointingly, pretty unremarkable, but props to the guys at Codemasters for having a go and treading new waters…..should though in my opinion be a PSN digital release with a price tag to match.

      • And I don’t mean Blu-Ray title prices!! :P

  6. Excuse me whilst i’ll look on Youtube for a clip to describe how i feel about CS:Go’s delayed release and the lack of communication from SCEE. The main point is the lack of communication from SCEE.

    DMCHD has an excellent price as it retails for more or less that price. Same with Darkness 2(to be honest, i’ve only seen the preowned retail for that price.)

    And did Castlevania get released or did the night befoul SCEE and unleash a curse. Yeah, i should have actually looked up that infamous quote from Castlevania.

    Hmm, no weekly SCEE rant from Hazelam. Is she okay? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER SCEE? :p

    • HEY, i resemble that remark.

      weekly rant?

      that’s borderline libel there mate.

      you know for a fact i do at least three a week.

      for the record, i was doing some housework then i had a bath, then i was waiting to see what they’ve screwed up on the actual update, but they haven’t bloody put it up yet, which is another complaint in itself.
      no doubt most of the staff will have gone home by the time they do pull their fingers out there arses long enough to post it, so when the inevitable problems occur, who’s gonna fix it?

      and Dyad is showing up in the demo section, for £6.49.

      seems scee have about as much comprehension of what the word “demo” means as they do the word “soon”.

      which is still probably about seventeen times as much as they know about the word “work”

      seriously, they’re so farcical, i’m starting to wonder if they use Fawlty Towers as a corporate training video.
      or the IT Crowd.

      and experience tells me when they do finally update, when i download Crysis 2, i’ll have to make at least three attempts before i get a working version.

      happy now?

      because i feel better. ^_^

      • Am disappointed it’s the shortest of your rants. Usually, they take up half the page. :p

      • i know, i feel like i’ve let the side down, the trouble is, there’s only so many times i can berate scee for their continuing failures to release a number of games, before i even start boring myself.

        i should have known though, there’ll always be new screwups for me to rant about. ^_^

        like Cubixx, being the trial.
        yet another trial uploaded as, or instead of, the full game
        seriously, i’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve made they’ve made that exact mistake.

        even rats can learn, why can’t anybody at scee?

        also, i’m in a patent dispute with apple over the wall-o-text™
        the lawyers have suggested keeping my rants to a quarter of a page for the time being. ^_^

      • The bar… *is sued* Oh come on! *countersues Apple, is sued for using the words sued, apple is, thus continues the cycle*

      • @Hazel (and anyone else with PS plus) – There is a work around to get Cubixx at the proper plus price of FREE .. download the demo, choose ‘purchase game’ from the main menu, this will take you to the old store where the unlock key is downloadable for free.

      • Haha! I love that it links back to the old store – It’s like they have tried to fix a huge crack in a wall by simply wallpapering over it!

      • it was funny seeing the old store again.

        i also love the fact that once again it falls to the community to fix scee’s problem while scee and it’s staff ignore it.

        i’d like to know just how bad things really need to get before we see some real changes at scee.

        if this level of fail can be ignored, what would it take to get them to admit there’s a problem?

        somebody dying?
        i mean, i can’t imagine any circumstances where the failure to release content on time and fully functional would lead to somebody’s death, but i can’t imagine much less would even raise an eyebrow at scee.

        they’ve become so used to failing, it barely even seems to register anymore.

  7. Probably Dyad and the Pid and F1 demos for me. Might as well check out the massive poll-i mean epic mickey demo too ;)

    • Dyad is on the store front but when i click on it it says “This content is not available” .. bah.. :/

  8. I can’t find bugger all on this new PSN Store – it’s an unmitigated disaster and needs to be returned to the old store.

  9. I’ve just been on the store and got Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood for free as PS Plus exclusives! Is this a mistake?! Seems a bit to good to be true!

    • I think you’ll find that those are just the 1 hour full game trials.

      • Hmm, actually, I think you might be right. It a bit confusing on the new store layout

        Knew it was too god to be true!

    • they’ve got Revelations as a one hour trial too, i’m on my third attempt at downloading it right now.

  10. and it looks like Cubixx, is just the trial version
    i searched and the full version seems to be listed for 6 pound something.

    how many times have they pulled this one?

    are scee staff chosen for their pathological inability to learn anything?

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