PSN Store Update: 07/11/12 – The One With The Vikings

[drop2]Today’s PlayStation Store Update sees the release of When Vikings Attack (£7.99), the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita cross-play title from Manchester-based Clever Beans.

We quite liked it in our review, and it’s a great multiplayer title with some mates.


Also available is LittleBigPlanet Karting (£39.99), which we quite liked but noticed a few issues with – it’s wonderful in Create mode, but the single player isn’t particularly strong – see if you agree if you add it to your download list.

There’s also the Devil May Cry HD Collection (£19.99) – the first three DmC games in HD – and Platinum Games’ Vanquish (£11.99), which is a superb third person shooter with stacks of fast-paced action. If you’ve not played Vanquish, do so, it’s really good!

Also look out for the European release of DYAD (£7.99), quirkly PSN platformer pid (£7.99), The Darkness II, a playable demo of the new Epic Mickey title and the Toejam & Earl and games (£3.69 each) – all for PS3. The F1 Race Stars demo is also there – full review of that soon…

Obviously, Counter Strike GO isn’t there. Less obviously, there’s still no Retro City Rampage. “Once we have word from the devs that we can share we’ll be sure to let you know,” said SCEE’s Jawad Ashraf on that matter. “I’m not able to provide details,” he added.



  1. No CS:GO, Retro City Rampage, Dokuro or Jet Set Radio. These are already out in other regions so why aren’t they here? I’m getting really frustrated with Sony lately

    • I thought Jet Set Radio was already out.

    • Of course the response to that will be “waiting for developers…”
      Like it’s not SCEE’s processes, procedures & hurdles they’re contending with.

      • Exactly. Ms get games out on time. SCEE get them out in their own time

      • There are many reasons that can cause delays, it is quite unfortuntate that it has happened to some excellent titles at the same time.

  2. Does Dyad have a 3D mode?

  3. THPS HD DLC is now due 1st week of December ‘apparently’. Been delayed 3 times!

    • I know 4 TSA members who are going to enjoy this dlc. You know who you are.

      • Depends on how much it costs tbh – I want it, but it needs to be a fraction of the price of the main game.

        Free would be nice! ;)

      • Make it 5 members! And yes it must, MUST, be under a fiver.

      • I want the full game (all the DLC till THUG2), or well a HD remake of a Neversoft game. I’ve seen videos of it but didn’t like how it was animated, it looked weird to me. Is there even a demo?

  4. Heard great things about Vanquish, £11.99 is a good price. I’ll pick that up.

    • HMV had it the other week for £4.99 mate dont know if it still is.

      • Shop around for the disc version. I had it from my local Sainsbury’s for a fiver about 2 months ago. Finished it and traded it in at GAME. Trade in value was only 2 quid but using the 33% extra value against digital products offer they were running I had 2.66 to put towards a PSN wallet top-up.

      • Nice one cheers. Will check them out.

      • I was looking for it the over day, not sure to download though.

  5. WWE 13 Fan Axxess for me.

  6. Vanquish is such an overlooked game at £11.99 it’s a great buy, not a million miles away from its £10+ best price either.

    Just the 2 demos for me this week & the Pid trial.

    • I agree, vanquish is a hidden gem, recommend it to anyone to pick it up especially trophy addicts yes

  7. So that Viking game is good yes? Might get it for vita even though I have so many untouched vita games, RC, AC, doing shapes, wipeout, NFSMW might aswell add this on top

  8. I’d like to know why nothing is on the store regarding Black ops declassified? No trailer or info,you’d think being a vita exclusive something would be on there.

  9. OOH! Vikings, anyone playing tonight? I might use you as an excuse to halt work for a bit…

    • Yeah I loved to play some online.

    • I’m all over this game – It’s ludicrously fun.
      Add me up, username is (quite predictably) the same as here.

      • Same here. Played a few 2 player cross-play games last night, me on the Vita and my son on the PS3 – great fun!!

  10. See, I still want LittleBigPlanet Karting for multiplayer with friends (local multiplayer that is), but I can just picture this being free for PSPlus at some point…

    • I doubt that would be any time soon tbh.

      • I know, but I’d never have bought it for £40 anyway so it’s not like I was gonna get it any time soon.

      • I think you would be looking at quite a while tbh, as they are going to want to maximise sales on their own products. Plus that is one that will generate a super amount of hype, so when i mean no time soon, i actually mean something more like a couple of years if anything.

        I wouldn’t expect it to turn up at all if i was honest, as that is a product that will actually sell well (& probably keep selling too).

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