PSN Store Update: 07/11/12 – The One With The Vikings

And still no Retro City Rampage...
[drop2]Today’s PlayStation Store Update sees the release of When Vikings Attack (£7.99), the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita cross-play title from Manchester-based Clever Beans.

We quite liked it in our review, and it’s a great multiplayer title with some mates.

Also available is LittleBigPlanet Karting (£39.99), which we quite liked but noticed a few issues with – it’s wonderful in Create mode, but the single player isn’t particularly strong – see if you agree if you add it to your download list.

There’s also the Devil May Cry HD Collection (£19.99) – the first three DmC games in HD – and Platinum Games’ Vanquish (£11.99), which is a superb third person shooter with stacks of fast-paced action. If you’ve not played Vanquish, do so, it’s really good!

Also look out for the European release of DYAD (£7.99), quirkly PSN platformer pid (£7.99), The Darkness II, a playable demo of the new Epic Mickey title and the Toejam & Earl and games (£3.69 each) – all for PS3. The F1 Race Stars demo is also there – full review of that soon…

Obviously, Counter Strike GO isn’t there. Less obviously, there’s still no Retro City Rampage. “Once we have word from the devs that we can share we’ll be sure to let you know,” said SCEE’s Jawad Ashraf on that matter. “I’m not able to provide details,” he added.


  1. I’m gonna be racist.

    Can’t the UK join the US? We mainly speak English. Most of the issues surrounding EU PSN updates are language ones. I say screw it. Call me a yank.

  2. I wanted when Vikings attack but the preorder bonus didn’t work for me *sniff*

  3. I don’t know if there’s a glitch in the Swedish part of the Store but I found AC:2 & AC:Brotherhood free for PS+ yesterday.

    • general consensus seems to be that they’re full game trials, you get to play an unlimited version of the game for an hour.

      not much you can do with open world games like those in an hour though, and from what i’ve heard you wouldn’t even finish the tutorial missions of AC3 in an hour, but still, a decent idea for trying games you haven’t played.

      i’ve downloaded AC2, i’ve got Brotherhood on disc, but not installed it so i can’t say if they are just the trials

  4. i can’t believe it.

    how did this happen?

    Crysis 2 installed first time.

    anybody got a telescope?
    if you have, can you tell me, have the planets just aligned or something? o_O

    • normality is restored, the R&C download failed to install, so now i’ve got to download the 16 gig file again.
      luckily i’m on an unlimited tariff, i’ve just got the problem of the god knows how many hours it took to downloading the frakking thing last night wasted, and having to do it all over a bloody gain.

      oh, and make it 20 odd gigs, since the AC Revelations full game trial download bloody failed as well.

      i think i may fill the ethernet port on the ps4, when i get one, with superglue, so i’ll never be tempted to take it online. >_<

  5. Reason why I decided to sign up on thesixaxis is I feel like I want to express my own opinions. I mean this is what it is. The Store is much worse now with too many problems.

    • Welcome to TSA and i agree, the new store is slow and cumbersome. They said it would be a progressive upgrade, so hopefully they’re listening to feedback and will improve the experience soon.

  6. Too late for CS:GO now.
    Black Ops II is due out next Tuesday. Way to go SCEE/Valve just way to go. -_-

    Least Jawad managed to come out and responded to some comments though. But still, the store is a complete mess and the missing icon glitch is back.

  7. I seriously hope RCR comes out before the end of the year, if it doesn’t. I will get even more annoyed. I mean poor Vita is not getting any good games atm. It needs good games but it sounds like it won’t. =(

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