Sony Delays PlayStation Plus For Vita Information

[drop2]News on PlayStation Plus for the PS Vita was expected this week, as previously confirmed by the official Blog a few days back.

We were expecting the first information on discounted games, cloud storage, automatic downloads and everything else that Plus brings, but to the portable console.


Sadly, this is no longer happening this week.

“The blog post has been delayed until early next week while we finalise all the details,” said Plus’ Chris Howe, commenting on the Blog.

Whether or not the team will be making a slightly more visible notice we’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s a shame that this has been delayed, especially in the wake of poorer than ever Vita sales in at least one territory.

Still, at least the machine is being advertised well, although that French ad is still bafflingly misplaced, if not slightly quirky.

Fingers crossed for next week, then.



  1. Shouldn’t be surprised, piss up and brewery spring to mind. I was really looking forward to this today and was hoping it would all be live later so I could actually use my vita for a change.

    • Maybe you should get one of the many great games out recently.

      • Like what? I have played all four games that I have been interested in since launch. Wipeout, Stardust, Uncharted and Resistance.

      • AC Liberation to start with then maybe NFS, Super Monkeyball, Lego Batman 2, Unit 13, Motorstorm RC, Sound shapes and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Modnation Racers is well worth it at £6 in the sale.

      • Never played AC not really my thing. Super Monkey Ball & Lego Batman are probably fun for some but I doubt me and I wouldn’t purchase them just to find that out. Motorstorm RC hated the controls and the top down view. Metal Gear I have no interest in. ModNation I was actually hoping would be one of the + freebies based on it being a launch title, £6 may be worth a punt in the sale but based on my experience with ModNation on PS3 i.e. loading times, I haven’t tried it. Sound Shapes does look ok but I want proper games to play on the move.

        That’s why I was hoping for PS+ on vita today with trials and freebies. £40 is way too much to try something on a wim.

      • I’ve never paid close to £40 on a vita game. I think around £23 at the most and that was for Modnation on launch day.

        A lot of games have demos on the store too. Monkeyball does, as does Unit 13, Silent Hill etc…

        There are still more games, Lumines, Everybody’s Golf, Escape Plan, F1, Hustle Kings, Top Darts, Mutant Blobs Attack, Silent Hill, Sunflowers, Smark As, Spy Hunter, Fifa, Rayman Origins, Jona Lomu Rugby and Virtua Tennis.

        There are still plenty of games and most are very cheap now. There’s not really much outside of that list that ps+ could offer.

      • Dissida Final Fantasy.

  2. Well they did say November for PS+ on Vita so they still on target. Look forward to seeing the final info on PS+ on Vita. Perhaps they are delaying it so all regions have the info out at the same time.

  3. To be honest, by now it’s more surprising when they release something on time.

    • A great philosophy that could literally abolish disappointment. ;)

  4. Did someone challenge you to put as many links at the end of an article as possible lol

    On topic though it is annoying that this is being delayed. It’s not as if they’ve had enough time to get this together

  5. Gutted, was hoping to get some extra stuff before my holiday next Friday.

  6. As a vita and ps+ owner I’m keen to have ps+ on vita but I’m not really sure what they can offer that I don’t already have. Most games have already been heavily discounted. Yes I’d expect cloud saves and automatic downloads (when plugged in) but ps+ has always been about games for me.

    It’s not like that Vita is swimming in games they can offer. They may have delayed ps+ for Vita because there’s a delay on content they plan to include.

    • Could not have put it better myself Sir. Really excited about plus on vita but real fear that I’ll have either already played content or won’t want to (even the freebies). Modnation etc? Big whoop….

  7. Never expect the expected from Sony.

  8. Cloud saves shouldn’t even be a PS+ feature, considering you can’t back up saves for downloads instead it has to be the full game. Wtf Sony.

  9. Once again the technical prowess of Sony’s consoles is overshadowed by the complete inability to put together any of their supporting services!

    Wasn’t this announced weeks ago? So therefore shouldn’t someone have been finalising the details round about then? I have a perpetual image of Playstation support staff playing cats cradle and batting balls of wool around with an empty window open on their PC…

    • to busy playing Counter Strike on Steam I suppose?

      • Too busy playing it on their American PSN accounts!

  10. Bloody hell! Sony can not even get an article out on time!

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