New Xbox Just Called “Xbox” – Blu-ray, Kinect 2, AR, TV Input, 8GB RAM

[drop2]Future has long used their online portals to advertise their print mags, but as two of the latter are closing they’ve decided to go all out with next-gen rumours.

The first was PSM3 with the PS4 rumours, and this weekend CVG have pushed the penultimate issue of Xbox World as the leading source of all things Xbox 720.


Whilst the PS4 rumours mainly concentrated on the negatives – no used games, no backwards compatibility – there doesn’t seem to be the same angle with the Xbox-centric piece.

Of course, it’s not actually readable without buying the mag – but that hasn’t stopped the promotion for what should hopefully be more than a compilation of existing rumours.

Indeed, CVG say Xbox World has “good form” with regards to next-gen leaks, and cites “confirmation” of previous articles that said the new Xbox would have augmented reality and directional sound as both appeared in the June leak, which Microsoft tried to close up and remove from the web.

“Xbox World has been at the cutting edge of Durango coverage for over 12 months. Unless something really dramatic changes, everything we reveal in our penultimate issue will be revealed long before E3 in June,” says the magazine’s Editor In Chief, Dan Dawkins, suggesting that like Sony, Microsoft will show off the new console before Los Angeles next year.

Despite the magazine running with “Xbox 720” in big letters on the cover, the magazine says the next Xbox will simply be called “Xbox”. It’ll feature Kinect 2.0, use Blu-ray discs and – yes – directional sound and augmented reality via glasses. It’ll also have TV input and an “innovative” controller.

According to the mag’s final ‘exposé’, the next-gen Xbox – which it speculates is likely to be called simply “Xbox” – will introduce Kinect 2.0, use Blu-ray discs and feature directional audio, a TV output AND input, ‘innovative controller’ and – at a later stage of the console’s life – AR glasses.

CVG also point to the 8GB of RAM reports, which Xbox World has also run with in the feature, which apparently spans 8 pages. The new Xbox CPU will have a CPU with “four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores.”

It’s tricky to figure out how much of this is actually going to be new and how much is recycled from internet rumours and gossip, but if those 8 pages are all new, solid information then that’s one hell of an issue. I’m personally wondering why SmartGlass, which will surely play a very strong role next gen, isn’t mentioned in the teaser. Unless, of course, that’s the “innovative” controller…



  1. Makes sense just to use the brand and drop the numbering convention as the next console will almost certainly be the last.

    If the details have a grain of truth in them I really can’t see why they’ll spill in the busiest buying season… when shifting as much existing, profitable hardware has to be each companies main aim.

    Still can’t see Xbox using the Blu-ray standard, sure they’ll use the tech but it will be an unlicenced version of it & not compatible with Blu-ray playback… Selling their own content through their popular stores or subscription services behind paywall is a great success for Microsoft, allowing peoploe to buy HD content elsewhere and play it on their machine doesn’t fit.

    Neither does the 8GB of RAM, unless its DDR3… which I can’t see it being when GDDR5 will most likely be the standard over the life of the console… which will mean 2-4GB, probably 4GB is most likely – although that involves taking a hit. Of course they could go for 8GB and the operating system could be an offshoot of Win8 but 8GB makes it almost certain it won’t be the faster GDDR5.

    The rest including second screen technology & Kinect 2.0 is a no-brainer.

    • It might turn out to be more beneficial to have more memory available rather than being able to put stuff on and off it faster…

      Certainly interesting things ahead though!

    • I thought the same thing over the blu-ray, I’m sure I read somewhere that the technology is owned by Sony years ago with the battle between Toshiba’s HD DVD and Sony’s Blu-Ray.

      Can’t quite make sense of the RAM you were talking about, GDDR5 would be a lot more powerful and nearest to next-gen standards as we are aware to be possible, but I would have thought unless the other technology such as the north-bridge chip set and CPU were custom made, they’d have to stick with conventional DDR3.

      Can’t see why there is so little RAM this generation, surely 1GB would not have hurt, perhaps it would be too pricy. Puzzling o.0 .

      • Sony don’t own Blu-ray format this is the most ignorant thing people know about blu-ray.

        Sony are jsut part of the Blu-Ray consortium which Sony happen to be a member of but like I say in another post below Sony are just “assumed and falsely” that they own the rights to it mainly because of ps3 I guess.

      • Sony were one of the founders of blu-ray, there one of the largest distributors of blu-rays , they heavily funded the research and development and the ps3 was a major factor in the blu-rays catching on and making hd-dvd’s redundant.
        so although they don’t own the rights to blu-ray they do have huge power and influence over the format.

    • GDDR5 is graphics RAM and it is DDR3.

    • If Microsoft wants the next xbox to be the multimedia hub then they will ahev to go with blu-ray otherwise people will just fire up there blu-ray players or ps3/ps4’s.

      Cutting off the top quality video format for no reason (and before people say Sony don;t own Blu-Ray many companies are part of the blu-ray consortium – it’s just sony is most “on show because of ps3).

      Buying DVD’s never stopped them from selling video’s did it?

    • well, with the way they’re trying to turn the pc into a closed system that they control they probably won’t need to build a new console after the next generation.

    • Isn’t current gen architecture GDDR3 based? It could be 8GB of that. But who knows, with all the talk of it using more traditional PC hardware it could scrap the pool of fast memory that is shared by the CPU and GPU (GPU is the one that benefits the most from the fast RAM) and head down a separate route, i.e. 6GB DDR3 (4?) RAM for the CPU and other gubbins with 2GB GDDR5 for the GPU ala standard mid-high end pc style. Just my guesstimate.

  2. I didn’t pay any attention about SmartGlass. Can someone summarise?

    • You can “move” content from your tabley/phone/laptop/xbox seamlessly
      So the idea is you can watch a movie on your Xbox netflix stylée then head out to work with it on your Surface tablet and carry on watching it on the train.
      I think.

      • It’s more like a second controller, really. So SmartGlass with IE on the 360 lets you use it as a pointer, zoom and scroll, and enter text input. It’s lovely, and really fast.

        On Forza it’s a map. On Halo 4 it’s Halo Waypoint – your stats etc.

        Could be massive next gen.

  3. Dan Dawkins is the editor of Xbox World? Oh.

    Interesting rumours, especially with the naming convention.

    • Xbox World and psm3 are run by the same team and same design over both mags. That’s why I stopped subbing to xboxworld after the re-design as 75%+ of the content like reviews/previews are the exact same – with just changes to reference to say ps3 or 360.

      And of course each formats exclusive stuff.

      • Oh right, that’s slightly disappointing :(

  4. Blu ray at last no more 10 disc changing, welcome to the future Xbox.

    I don’t think it’s going be called just Xbox, I can’t say I had a Xbox then Xbox 360 then Xbox again but new gen

    • This sort of comment is really weird. Maybe changing a disk now and again doesn’t really bother me and I’m in the minority, but I’d go for an Xbox version of a multi-platform title 99% of the time just now, regardless of the format.

      • Even if it had 3 discs and the competitor only has one?

      • I agree. I sometimes find it annoying having multiple discs, but I would generally take an Xbox version of a multi-platform title. They tend to always be the better versions of the game.

        Too be fair to the Xbox some of the games that have 2 discs just have extra content on the other. You can just install that and never have to worry about the second disc again. Much like with Halo 4 or Forza 4.

      • you played Mass Effect 3?

        i swear at one point i was swapping discs between missions.
        and that’s not an exaggeration for effect either.
        i’d do one mission, then when i went to the next one i’d have to swap, and then the one after that i’d have to swap back.
        this went on for quite a few missions.
        i think it might have been the side missions on one disc and the main story ones on the other.
        either way, a dozen swaps in one session, ridiculous.

      • I haven’t played Mass Effect 3 on Xbox. I did play Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox though which was bad for swapping discs. Not that many games that require disc swaps though. Mass Effect 2 is only one I’ve had to swaps discs with.

      • I have owned both & have never played a game on PS3 & thought that looked better on my xbox DF articles always baffle me never see what they see when playing the game.

      • Now yes but we’re not talking now we’re talking next gen :)

    • Don’t know about that, look at Apple’s product naming; iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad with Retina display (even though the new iPad had a retina display).

  5. whats in a name?
    with these specs this is a V8superchrged mother fucker of a system..
    where do i sign up…

  6. *note to self* get A button fixed on laptop….lol

  7. You do realise this mag is pretty much done by the exact same team with the exact same design across the mag’s. Both articles are purely guesswork – I read em although interesting and probably mostly true it’s still in essence educated guessing :)

    Side not both mags are ending next issue :(

    • Yep, well aware. =)

      • Good then :D

        Either way i’m prety sure next xbox will have blu-ray and next ps4 won;t have backwards compatbility.

  8. with all the news/rumours from both camps, it looks like a brand swap next gen for me.

    • Same for me, no backwards compatibility and Sony’s continued detachment from what consumers want is making me consider MS. Especially if it has Blu-ray.

  9. Sounds like it will be powerful. We all knew Kinect 2 would be included with the Xbox as MS are trying to get a slice of the causal market with Kinect 1 so releasing an improved version with decent games is a step in the right direction for them. Am surprised that they’ve decided to use Blu Ray as they said that they would never use it a few years ago. Wonder if they will avoid having the dashboard filled with adverts or go over the top with them?

    And i suspect most people will be happy about not having to spend a few seconds getting off the couch to change a disc. If the PS4 has simular specs, i can see the PC platform being used as the lead platform for developing multiplat games as in theory, it should be simple to port it over without actually having to sacrifice that much.

  10. Sounds really good overall. Rumors or not, it’s a lot more upbeat than PS4 rumors as you say.

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