Treyarch Remove Nuketown 2025 Playlist From Black Ops 2

Nuketown 2025, the hugely hyped multiplayer level that formed much of Black Ops 2’s pre-launch pre-order campaign, will see its playlist removed.

Treyarch had a 24/7 server running the map continuously, and it was by all accounts rather popular with fans of the game, which was released last week. The studio’s David Vonderhaar has stated this evening that the playlist will be ending, though. And soon.


“Double XP weekend is official over,” he said. “That means Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 is as well.” It doesn’t sound like it was his decision, though. “I know. RIGHT? Don’t kill the messenger,” he added. He also said that the 24/7 playlist will be back for “special events,” though.

Gutted? Well, according to Vonderhaar “you can always play it with your friends in Custom Games” although obviously you won’t get any XP for doing so.

Loyal pre-order customers are rightly disgruntled by this, especially after such a short run – a matter of days. Quite why they couldn’t feed Nuketown into normal rotation for those with the map is anyone’s guess.

Update: Apparently, they’ve bent to pressure and added a small maps rotation called “Chaos Moshpit” which contains the Nuketown map. Vonderhaar has tweeted “You killed the messenger, but I still fight for the users. RT to #bringbackNuketown2025 and we will add to a small maps moshpit,”

The full map rotation for the new playlist is Carrier, Cargo, Express, Hijacked, Slums, Standoff, and Nuketown 2025.



  1. Got the map with the pre-order but haven’t played it at all. I’d much rather play the new maps rather than recycled old maps. I was never too keen on Nuketown anyway. I prefer bigger more interesting maps

  2. If i had pre-orderd this i would be very rightly angry with them. Getting a Private game whenever you want to play the map would be really difficult.

  3. Having it only accessible via custom games which don’t earn XP or progression when it was such a cornerstone of BlOps2 promotion is poor form.

    Didn’t notice that caveat in the small print over the past 6 months or so, you know with the *t&c apply barely readable.

    Because there’s no XP it means getting randoms to join is very difficult, especially with previous CoDs being hacked, this means it’s pretty much friends only, which we all know is great fun, but it is pretty hard to sychronise times when everyone can play.

    They’ve really marginalised a key reason for jumping-in early.

    • This is seriously poor form. You can’t advertise a free map when pre ordering and then taking it away a week after release, surely?

      That is false advertising, as you can’t play it online. I will be writing to watchdog again over this, thats two games within weeks.

  4. Gutted about this. Really enjoying the game so far and this was one of my favourite maps I’ve played to date. Thanks Activision… I’ll think twice before bothering to pre order next time!

  5. Does this mean it just goes into rotation with all the other maps?

    If so, doesn’t seem that big a deal to me. Can’t see why anyone would want to play the same map over and over anyway.

    If they’re full-on removing it from the game (apart from custom), that’s a strange move though, especially after all the hype.

    • No, it’s been taking out of rotation.

      no one would play it over & over if it was in rotation

      Yes, it’s only custom

      • Ugh, that’s a bit manky then.

        I read it as there was a Nuketown Playlist with nothing but Nuketown (can you guess who doesn’t have enough money or time to play BlOps2 himself?) on 24/7.

        I just noticed the bottom line under the video now as well- certainly would have cleared up my confusion if I’d read that earlier. Agree totally with it- why not just stick it in with the other maps?

  6. That’s really annoying. I’m assuming they won’t put it in rotation, too, because that would alienate some players.

  7. So your bonus reward for pre-ordering is only available when they allow, nice job fuck-wits.

  8. Absolute joke lol I’ll defend any cod hating publisher developer bashing comments about any game I like.

    but this has actually annoyed me lol 6 days? and it’s gone!! no warning no notices nothing!

    not even in rotation on normal game play!

    seriously wtf!!

    I’m more annoyed as I spent all weekend playing this map, spent all day at work looking forward to playing it, even spent my lunch and break times changing my weapons on the elite app….got home watched the walking dead… cracked on blops and nothing….straight to teh internetz!

    • They should have called it “Nuketown 24/6”. >_>

  9. Rubbish map anyway. Not bothered in the slightest.

    • Cool story bro, I don’t like rugby but don’t need to post on rugby related posts on sporting websites.

      • do you mind if you don’t say “cool story bro” in the future, i find it more annoying then “meh”, “FIRST!!!!” or “OMG FML ROFL”

        one of the reasons i (and hopefully others) love tsa is the generally above average (for the internet) level of English. i know its a very small petty thing but i greatly appreciate it

        and yes, i know that post made me sound like a knob :)

      • Dude! I like Call of Duty but hate the map, it’s up there with Derail from MW2 to me. Opinion matters, your wise-cracks don’t and are a waste of energy.

      • But Hobo likes COD. So we have to like everything about it or not bother commenting at all? And here i thought TSA welcomed all opinions. Silly me.

    • Its a opinion why should it not be shared?

  10. considering in the nuketown playlist description it said it was “Nuketown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year” as well as vonderhaar’s comment this seems like it wasn’t a premeditated decision.

    fortunately this doesn’t affect me since i didn’t pre-order but it seems like a very poor decision and people should quite rightly be annoyed about it since it was never made clear that this was going to be the case.

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