What We Played #80: Far Cry 3, The Walking Dead

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Time for gaming has very much been at a premium lately. I’m still only playing either Borderlands 2 or Mass Effect 3 depending upon which friends are online – and little more than a couple of hours a week of each.

Peter has been having similar problems finding time for games but has been playing Far Cry 3 when he gets the chance. Did you catch his videos earlier in the week? His initial impressions are that “it’s very good, if a little rough around some of its edges”.


That roughness manifests itself as things like “some of the dialogue that isn’t central to the main missions is a bit wooden and it has that usual degree of open-world glitchiness that we all know and love”. You want an illustrative example?

I hunted a boar who ended up stuck half in a tree when I killed him with my AK-47 so then I couldn’t get the prompt to skin him and had to find myself another boar to hunt. Some people will read that sentence and think “clipping glitch led to incomplete objective” while others will only see “shot a hairy pig with an AK-47”. If you’re in the latter camp, you’ll love Far Cry 3.

Dan meanwhile is still playing Forza Horizon. While he’s not normally one to chase achievements he “felt compelled to go for the ‘Road Trip’ one (drive on all 216 roads)”. With that mission accomplished he’s moved onto the Paradise-like “smash all of the 100 Forza billboards. 81 down…”

[drop2]FIFA 13’s “very regular server problems resulting in coin and point loss” and leaving Aran considering giving up on Ultimate Team. “I would have reached Division 1 had it not been for the fact the game thought I had left the match when in actual fact it was a closely fought draw. It’s pretty bad that problems are still ongoing almost 2 months after release.” Perhaps he should write to the BBC’s Watchdog?

So where has he turned for entertainment? Shadows of the Damned as it allows him to “destroy demons with big guns”. I can see the appeal in that. Aran says that Grasshopper “have made a fun game that doesn’t take itself seriously”. It has become one of those few games that he will be sad to finish “because of how much fun I’ve had”.

Zombies have been Blair’s main theme this week. The first to die for a second time were those in CoD: Black Ops II a game which receives plenty of praise. His capsule review goes “Zombies is good, multiplayer is frantic fun as ever and the single player campaign is an absolute blast!”

He’s also been playing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for our review and his subsequent addendum contrasting it further with Super Smash Bros. The tl;dr version of his review is that the game’s “absolutely fantastic. I’m so glad that it didn’t disappoint.”

And because you can never have too many zombies in your gaming he then turned to completing episode five of The Walking Dead game. “I am speechless. Everyone needs to play this – the story is absolutely incredible, it’s so different from anything else on the market and it’s definitely my Game of the Year.”

Tuffcub has been trying to finish some of his unfinished games before investing in anything new. So his eclectic mix has included Skyrim, LittleBigPlanet 2, a very quick bash on the Sine Mora demo and lots of Alien Breed on Vita.

Have you started clearing your back catalogue in preparation for any expected Xmas presents?



  1. Currently playing assassin creed liberation, & downloaded the free plus vita games, going try platinum UCGA that’s going be hard grinding the crystals. Just waiting on the postman to bring my Allstar battle royal vita.

    Ps3 broke the blu laser ain’t reading blu day disc so new ps in works

  2. I finished the walking dead,which is just amazing!
    Been playing the new borderlands 2 dlc, been getting annoyed at the naval missions on AC3 and been getting even more annoyed that my AC Liberation game save is stuck in a loop and I can no longer continue my game :@
    I’ve finally gone back to playing sleeping dogs which i’m loving.
    Oh and started chronovolt which I’m not enjoying at all.

  3. I would expect glitches like that from Far Cry 3, sounds like a funny one though :P

    For me this week it’s been:
    Ridge Racer Vita – still having fun with this even with its lack of content.
    MGS 3 – Only just started it, like the idea of camo and the setting is pretty cool, seems even more stealth orientated than 2!
    Burn the rope – quite a cool little game, still feels like an IOS game but it’s kinda fun in short bursts!
    Mutant blobs attack – quirky game, im liking it!
    Chronovolt – not my type of game, bit confusing as well, will make sure I finish it though
    Gravity Rush – still dislike the art style and overall feel of the game, but hey its free, will try and make the most of it.

    That’s all folks

  4. This week I returned to the top of the TSA FIFA 13 FUT League, although that could all change with my game with SpikeyMikey this evening! :p I sympathise with Aran’s frustrations, I often get disconnected within the first 10 minutes of an FUT match.

    Been continuing with my online trophies – got a few of the AC3 ones and just need to reach level 20 for the last one. McProley and I managed to reach Sequence 24 of Wolfpack – it’s quite a challenge co-op as timing it key. On Blops 2 I also started my Online League games (got ranked in Gold Division, Sub Division Tiger Five Three – whatever that means?!) working towards my 5 wins. I also have 3 of 10 Combat Training wins, but the trouble is people (on my team anyway) just don’t help in objective games which is bloody annoying – but at least with Combat Training your K:D doesn’t go towards your combat record, since I spammed with Semtex when trying to capture positions! I also played some Blops2 games with DrNate and OnlineAssassin which was good fun!

    No Vita (again) this week, although I play to try Chronovolt over the weekend, and I have some LBPV arranged briefly this evening. I will probably also finish/platinum The Walking Dead this weekend!

    Hitman and Dishonored (bargain at £15.59) should arrive for me today too! :D

  5. Well currently playing a lot of Ridge Racer which I got this week (vita), not bad at all.

    Have a ton of other games as well, the plus collection and A3 liberation but haven’t got much chance to play them, so much work to do.

  6. Blast from the past: Final Fantasy XI! :D

  7. I’m finishing off the remaining trophies for sleeping dogs. Playing some borderlands 2 tonight. Still have a lot of games to get done before Christmas as I have around 5 games coming my way.

  8. After getting the LBP Karting platinum (on Monday) I finally got around to starting Okami HD (I’m about 15 hours in and I don’t think I’ve reached the halfway point yet). My copy of Lego LotR arrived yesterday, so I’ve played through the first few levels to see how it is and it’s great. I also picked up Sonic Karting Transformed but I’ve not really had a proper shot of it yet due to meets last night.

  9. I’ve been mostly playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted, though a lack of actual friends that own Playstations has rendered it’s social aspect pretty defunct – I played the last one on my 360 and had a blast with it but the lack of people to compete against is one of the few genuine losses I’ve felt from moving to 360 to Playstation (there aren’t many others!). If anyone from here is playing it my PSN ID is TheCityWake!

    Beyond that I’ve downloaded all the Vita freebies and have massively enjoyed my time with Gravity Rush so far. I’ve been after it for ages but just couldn’t quite justify paying full price for it – PS+ saved me from the decision anyway!

    I also tried out the demo for Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and had a blast with it so that’s going to be something I pick up with my overly shiny Wii U next Friday. I’m still hugely looking forward to HD Mario and hitting zombies with cricket bats, despite the mixed response to its release in America – and I’ll be all ready for Monster Hunter Ultimate next year which is the main reason for picking it up!

    • See here:


      I beleive the NFS meets (among others) are rather regular! ;)

      • Sadly I run a pub which means my general gaming hours are between 1am and 4am :-/

        It’s what made Need For Speed and Autolog such a great feature as it meant I could still compete against my friends without playing at the same time – with the added benefit of annoying them each morning when I’d beaten their times!

      • Autolog also has ‘recommendations’ where friends of friends & those similar to your level of play are suggested to you. Or at least they should be! :)

      • Now that sounds cool – I’ll check that out when I finish work!

    • Must admit I am very envious you are getting a WiiU. Would love to get one and play some ZombiU as I’m a huge survival horror fan. Enjoy! :)

      • I genuinely think it’s going to be the most terrifying game I’ve played for a long time – and since it seems aimed at British sensibilities I’m even more excited about it!

      • :D Reviews have been varied but, providing you aren’t expecting it to be a Dead Island clone, I can see it being very tense and enjoyable.

  10. This week has mostly been about BLOPS2 really. Had a quiet weekend so took full advantage of the double XP weekend, raising my rank from 1 to 45 in about 6 hours game time. The final 10 levels were by comparison quite a grind as the XP boost had finished by then but I dinged the Prestige achievement Wednesday evening after a few quick rounds of Hardpoint :) BLOPS2 is the first COD game I’ve played properly online and I have to say I’ve enjoyed every second of it so far.

    Hoping to sit down this weekend and play through the latter half of the Halo4 campaign as the Mrs (and baby) are away most of Saturday. Fingers crossed I also get chance to fire up Max Payne 3 as I haven’t played the multiplayer in ages.

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