Podcast: Episode 84 – Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, F1 and NBA Jam

This week the podcast’s a little shorter than we’d normally like. We were missing Peter, as he was off celebrating Thanksgiving, and Lewis had to be somewhere else as well. Fortunately I got Teflon on board for the recording, so you’re not just left with Kev and I mulling things over.

Whilst Kev was present, he hadn’t really done a lot apart from learning to crochet, and for some reason he refused to talk about that on the podcast. Luckily Teflon had been on a bit of a racing kick of late, so he chats with us about Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed and how ridiculous it is, as well as the F1 Community Tournament and the fact he’s not actually that good at the game.

On my side of things I take you through the original NBA Jam and its coin gobbling nature, as well as taking a moment to explain exactly why the Boston Celtics are the greatest basketball team on the planet. On top of that I veer into comics to talk about the concluding issues of Amazing Spider-Man and how much I’m enjoying it as the series barrels towards its finale in issue 700.

Of course we also take a quick look at the news, where we mostly focus on how silly it is that Microsoft may be looping back around to naming their new console just Xbox. We did also take the time to look at Peter’s Molyneux’s recent comments and the dip in Sony’s credit rating, but it’s largely about Microsoft being silly.

There’s a quiz this week but, due entirely to my forgetting to set up a questions thread, the final section of the podcast is a little light on content. Fortunately I’ve remembered to create a questions thread again this week, so I hope you’ll drop some in there for this week’s recording.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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