Battlefield 3 Goes Half Price, But Sony’s Deals Fail To Impress So Far

Sony Europe have dropped the price of Battlefield 3 (or, rather, EA has) on the PlayStation Network as the second of the 12 Deals of Christmas rolls into action. Valid until the 4th, PS3 owners can now pick up last year’s EA shooter for the bargain price of £30.

Bargain? Well, not really. That’s half the RRP, of course, but who on earth would think £60 is a fair price in the first place?


And, as ever, the typically vocal PlayStation Blog readership are voicing their disapproval over this latest deal. “£29.99 would be too expensive even at a non-sale price,” says one, with another calling the first two “very disappointing”. The first deal was a month’s free PlayStation Plus when you bought two month’s worth.

It’s entirely possible to grab Battlefield 3 – on disk (and with the appropriate re-sale value to factor in) – for around £20. One commenter says Morrisons had the game for 98p.



  1. I’d have to agree they are pretty poor deals. £3 of a 3 month sub…. which most people who want have by now anyway. ( Who wants to stack up over a year when PS4 is coming?) and I bought Battlefield new for £20 quite a few months ago.

    At least it can only get better, right?

    • We have a fundamental problem and that is that consoles sell so many more titles on average. With this in mind, developers are doing well and feel little need to drop the prices by as much (both on and offline (digital or disc)).

      It’s the reason why I’m enjoying Steam so much. There’s only so much money I can pump into this hobby and I want it to go as far as possible (and still play the games I love).

    • Am I the only one who is absolutely terrified of where this whole digital-marketplace joyride will lead?

      Microsoft and Sony, as well as all the major publishers, have unfortunately realised that the profit margins in download delivery are exponentially better than shipping games to bricks and mortar stores or online retailers, and I’m absolutely certain that we’ll see upcoming generations of familiar hardware (maybe not 720/PS4, but certainly the next ones) leaning more and more heavily on digital stores to push product. We’ve even had rumours of the new X-Box being download-only, yet people still seem to ignore the horror that this sort of market will bring, just because Steam works and offers great value and a sensible GUI for storing games.

      The problem is that Valve are honest to goodness nice guys, looking out for the interests of gaming culture in general as well as our wallets. Sure, they make stacks of money, but Value are not huge corporate c*cksuckers like M$ and Sony, who seem perfectly happy to ream consumers at any given opportunity (although massive props to Sony for PS+ – an excellent service) and seem to delight in gaily charging exorbitant prices for online games and services.

      Steam also works because there’s considerable competitive pressure from other online retailers and download services – this keeps prices fair and the public benefitting. But this will NOT be the business model M$ and Sony are aiming for, oh no. They’ll have their sights firmly set on the App Store ecosystem that Apple, Google et al have so firmly established, one that is controlled exclusively by the parent company and that allows for a substantial slice of cream to be scooped off of any games sales.

      I honestly think that this is the biggest issue facing the growth of gaming in the near future. The Big Two have shown themselves to be consistently greedy and resistant to any concepts of consumer value, and I think they’ll be slavering from their silicon-encrusted jaws at the thought of eliminating the second hand market, wrapping an iron clad fist around content control and being able to charge whatever they and Activision/Ubisoft/EA etc dream up as ‘good value’ for products both new and well past their sell-by date.

  2. Avengerrr mentioned this Battlefield deal in the forum this morning, it made me laugh and to me it speaks volumes about how out of touch some of these marketing types are. Surely the point of a deal is to impress and make sales, that’s not going to happen by attempting to sell a game at 150% of the price Amazon UK have it on sale for.

    • I wonder if they actually follow up on the statistics after their sales. They’ll probably sit in a huge meeting room looking at the statistics, baffled by the fact that nobody actually bought the game…

      • This is probably more accurate:

      • You’re probably spot on! Meetings where nothing gets done make me cry inside, emails about those meetings are even worse and if anyone ever asks me to ‘touch base’ I’ll be calling the police claiming sexual harrassment.

      • I remember last year when i complained of this exact same thing during the 12 days of christmas, i got a reply along the lines of “if the deal is so crap, why do so many people buy it?”

        Which, as well as being the most idiotic line of thinking ever, shows how stupid people are.

      • Yeah, I’m sure there are still a lot of people who buy BF3 for 30 Pounds from the PSN. You can’t really fault EA for taking advantage of them. They are not holding anyone at gunpoint, forcing them to buy it at that price. As long as there are people who accept such prices, nothing will change.

      • I would love to find out how many people do buy it, not at the equivalent price in Euros, just Pounds. I know what you mean Kerash, there has to be someone who pays these top prices but I’d have thought that most of us who find out about these deals on sites like TSA have at least once bought something online and so are capable of checking the online prices before blindly hitting ‘buy’. But then, maybe some people just don’t?

      • this really is a pointless deal, i bought it for the same price (with free dlc) on release day!

  3. BF3 has been £25 in HMV for about 4 months. Says it all really doesn’t it Sony?

    • what has a EA game got to do with Sony?

  4. I got BF3 for £17.99 in their summer sale…

  5. I agree that its too expensive & that it can regularly (& i mean REGULARLY) be found online for much less than £30, but i can’t say i believe anyone saw it for 98p. Ever.

    Unless Morrisons had mistakenly priced it up as a bag of pototoes of course.

    • Their potatoes aren’t that cheap, but they are so much more fresh than the likes of Sainsburys and Tesco.

      • you can get a bag of four potatoes for baking for that kind of price.

      • I think my Morissons might be overcharging then, £1.29! But they are good tatties.

  6. So this is now the 2nd time BF3 has now been on sale on PSN except this time it’s £10 more..

  7. 2 shoddy deals, but 10 more to come before judgment. Please?

  8. This will sell a lot better in Europe than the UK. Amazon FR is selling it for 35 euros and the German site has it 40 euros. The spanish site has two version, the spanish one at 39 euros and a UK import at 26.

    We’ll see how well it does when they release the chart.

    The rest of Europe is a far bigger market than the UK so it’s not a surprise EA will focus their pricing there. If the retails prices ever get standardised across Europe then we’re in big trouble in the UK.

    I’m hoping for more Sony items in the rest of the sale.

  9. only the second offer though, so it could still pick up.

    right? >_>

  10. LOL – £30 for a game you can probably get for half price simply by looking around, no thanks, even if it includes all the DLC.

    The PS+ offer was pretty lame IMO, and considering how poor SCEE in general have been this generation, I am not falling into the trap of having to rent my PSN ID forever to accumulate a bundle of games i a)probably dont want as I would have bought them anyway, and b) wouldn’t have time to play due to the sheer voolume of games they give for free.

    If PS+ Carried over to PS4 and let me keep all the previous games and there was no impending price hike, I might consider it, but I cant see sony giving PS4 games away for free right off the mark, and this gen has proved they (all games companies) would rather you cough up again to play a game you already own on disc for a previous machine.

    • The main problem for me is that I am only ever renting the games and am beholden to their pricing.

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