PSN Store Update: 19/12/12 – The One With The Oddworld Games

Stranger’s Wrath makes its way to PlayStation Vita today – it’s £9.99 or £7.49 with Plus. We played the game last week and had good things to say about the conversion and it seems plenty agree.

escapeVector has also appeared on the Vita. It’s £7.99, or £6.39 with Plus. We’ve not really seen much on this but from the screenshots it looks quite cool. Let us know if you pick it up.


Back to Oddworld, and – surprise – Munch’s Oddysee HD is there – £7.29 or £5.47 with Plus. That’s on the PlayStation 3 though, not the Vita. There’s a trial too, so you can test the game out if you’re not sure about it.

Elsewhere on the PS3, look out for Tour de France 2012 for £29.99, and – as we revealed earlier in the week – there’s a couple of PS2 titles from Rockstar, namely Bully and Red Dead Revolver.

Also out is DLC for Medal of Honor Warfighter – looks like a £16 ‘shortcut’ pack and a ‘the hunt’ expansion – amongst lots of others. There’s something similar for Need For Speed Most Wanted too, an eight quid ‘ultimate speed pack’.

There’s also lots of Middle Earth themed DLC – some stuff for LEGO Lord Of The Rings, some stuff for Guardians of Middle Earth.

There’s also loads of ‘Christmas’ themed Dead or Alive costume DLC, a festive bundle for Pure Chess and a bundle from Futurlab containing Velocity and Coconut Dodge on Minis.

Rapid Angel is also out, the PSOne classic. It’s £3.19.

The games should be available by searching, with the ‘new’ page being updated later this afternoon. We’ll update with the full list as normal once we’re able.



  1. DOA 5 dlc for me. Unfortuanately this will be the last batch they release.

    • Really?
      Didn’t they announce a massive patch for it a couple of weeks ago which is coming next year at the same time as a Vita version?

  2. Can’t find escapeVector when I search it on the vita ah well, I will just get strangers wrath for now

  3. Got my fix with Unfinished Swan and Journey deal. No need to look here!

  4. The two Oddworld games for me plus the LBP DLC.

  5. do we get Mortal Kombat on PS+ today?

  6. The two Oddworld games are soooooooooooooooo cheap.

  7. Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee for me. :D

  8. Dont forget the rest of the Christmas sale items go on sale today. Under Defeat better be there else I shall be having a hissy fit.

  9. Never knew about the Plus discounts on the oddworld games, wonder how the long it will last.

    Don’t forget Knytt underground is coming Friday too. :)

    • Stranger discount is until 9th of Jan. Not sure about Munch, but i assume it’s the same

      • Great thanks! That will mean i’ll be able to get it discounted in early January too then.

      • Yup. I’m waiting til after Christmas.

  10. Just did a quick search and Strangers Wrath Vita is already on the store.

    • Though apparently I can’t download it, just getting an error. Hopefully it will fix itself once the update goes live.

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