PlayStation 3 Just £120 On Wednesday

It’s unlikely many TheSixthAxis readers won’t have (or have access to) a PlayStation 3, but they’re just £120 on Wednesday, Boxing Day, at Tesco.

The offer, which is (to my knowledge) the best I’ve seen, is for the new New PS3, and is the 12GB flash drive model.


The advert says it’s only from Tesco Extra shops, so probably not online.

It’s likely other supermarkets will play host to their own deals (Sainsbury’s have had something similar, although not as striking, for a while) which can only be a good thing.

Next gen might be expected soon, but that’s a great price regardless.



  1. Great price.

  2. It was £99.99 earlier today at Play. Also came with the Skylander Giant pack.

  3. I think also Game are doing a similar deal. I want a new ps3 mine blu laser burst but I need a big gig since am a plus member

    • …I’ve been suffering with a 80gig for too long. PS+ made the suffering worst. oh gawd…

  4. Sales in Europe have been even better since the 12GB PS3 came out but in the US they have been ok’ish. So why the F**K(& i really can’t understand it still) don’t SONY bring out the(cheaper) 12GB PS3 in the US for?!?! MADNESS!!! (Oh sorry i shouldn’t say F**K on Xmas EVE…sorry Lord…) LoL:D
    + Sainsbury’s are still selling the 500GB at £249.99?!?! They are normally lower than the rest(for shop prices) I don’t get that + Shop2net were doing the 500GB PS3 for £170’ish the other day(up to £199 now i think+a game) It seems these companies are just making up the prices.
    + Argos are doing the 12GB PS3 for £139.99 at the moment.

    • feck… my brain, sorry for anyone thats drunk. Could be worst….. <.<

    • I do love having my eyes messed with, espically on Christmas day. Jboo, it’s christmas day so can you please take the rest of the day off as TSA’s resident fanboy? Please? What if i throw in a free PS3 shaped cake?

      Feel sorry for anyone who has a hangover or is drunk who just read Jboo’s comment. In fact, i think i’m getting a headache because of it and i’m bloody sober! Unless i’m able to get drunk off Ginger Beer. Unlikely as i can drink a pint of ale without becoming drunk. Tipsy at best but i did have some wine before i had the ale and that was on the 3rd of december. *waits for the inevitable steven is a lightwieght comment as well as the is he drunk all year round one*

  5. £120 cracking price ,now maybe some of you pikey twats can buy………..sorry sorry didn’t realise it was a ps3 thought said PS vita ;-)

  6. Good price, I’ve been wanting a new PS3 for ages, besides really need a new Harddrive as well.. for PS+

  7. The adaptor to fit your own hdd in is about a tenner, £50 for a reasonable size hdd & you’d still save a bit.

  8. They are having a laugh right? £120 for a 12GB PS3? That is useless as you would be lucky to be able to install 2 games depending on size as well as the saves taking up the remaining space and the firmware taking up a fair amount of it. I only have 76GB in total due to the firmware so the 12GB is actually the 8GB model. :o Unless they have compressed it, i would not reccomend getting the 12GB model. If you get Bioshock one and two with it, you won’t be able to play any other game due to them taking up 5GBish.

    What made Sony decide that releasing a 12GB model would be viable? I suppose if you only intend to buy PSN games, it could be a viable and cheaper way of doing so but even then, you risk using up the entire harddrive. If you plan on getting it as a bluray player, then you are a fool as you can get it for less then that price i think.

    You may as well cough up the £30-50 and get the 250GB model as i think that retails for around £150-180 nowadays.

    I’m still surprised my phat 80GB is still going. :O

    • I know some folks who’ve bought the 12Gb model just to use it as a Blu-ray player. And why not, 3D, Blu-ray, net connected, Netflix and so on. Its pretty much a bargain when you look at it that way – cheap access to high def. It’s money in the coffers for Sony, so you can’t blame them from doing it.

      Anyone serious about console gaming is going to know the limitations of the 12Gb model, so they’ll opt for the hdd packing models. Everybody gets what they want. Everybody wins.

      Merry Christmas to everyone here on TSA too.

  9. Checking Amazon pricing and at £120 for the console £7.99 for the hard drive mounting bracket (needed) and £30-£70 for a 320GB – 1TB internal 2.5″ hard drive it’s not a bad price to set up a decent rig. Around £180-£190 for a super slimski PS3 with a Terra-byte of HDD space to play with. ;)

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