Remedy Teases Alan Wake Sequel, Aiming For Next-Gen?

Alan Wake ultimately sold pretty well – well enough to get Remedy teasing a sequel, anyway.

The teases come from two directions. Over on the official Facebook page for Alan Wake, there’s a promotional message pushing a heavy Steam discount, and this – “even greater Remedy news to come in 2013.”


It’s on the Alan Wake page, not the Remedy page, so it’s reasonable to assume the 2013 news is based on that specific game.

Secondly, Sam Lake, writer of the first game (and the bloke behind the recent Max Payne) said on Twitter that he was looking forward to revealing what they’d all been up to, this year.

Personally, I’m hoping this is something primed for a next gen machine rather than the current models – Microsoft will certainly have several of their teams working on new titles for the 720.



  1. I really enjoyed Alan Wake (and the arcade game)So hopefully we see a sequel soon.

    • cant say the same for poor old Alan matey,i found it a bit monotonous,run from darky type thing through forest,reach town,explore town run from darky type thing through forest, reach petrol station,explore pet………………..
      run thro…………………………………..
      think you get the idea.

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