PS2 Production Ceases Worldwide, Thoughts Now On PS4

In March 2006 the original PlayStation ceased production. Eight months later, the PlayStation 3 was released.

This weekend it’s been confirmed that the PlayStation 2 has ended production worldwide, following earlier reports that the Japanese arm had built the very last machine. There’re no more PS2’s being produced, that’s it, so if you want a spare now’s the time to get down to wherever’s still brave enough to dedicate some shelf space to the console and pick one up new. To go along with the one you already have, of course.


What this means, perhaps, is that Sony is clearing space on a production line, however metaphorical that may be, for the PlayStation 4. If this next-generation is ushered in within the same sort of timescale (eight months) then this Christmas will be a very busy time for gamers.

[drop2]Indeed, at CES this week, it’s expected that Sony (and, of course, Microsoft) will be showing their new hardware behind (very securely) closed doors. In theory, possibly, and in ugly grey boxes almost certainly, but there’s a more than reasonable chance that a few lucky invitees will see just what’s been cooking.

Sony did everything right with the PS2. It had great marketing, a huge amount of pre-release momentum and some great games over its life. It was a remarkably coherent machine, with unsurpassed third party support and some killer exclusives that will be remembered fondly.

The PS3 hasn’t had nearly as smooth a ride, and I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn by pointing out that Sony of late have been somewhat off the ball with regards to first party titles that haven’t always hit the mark and a portable console in the Vita that still appears to be struggling in a vastly different, now unfamiliar market. But Sony know consoles, and whilst they’ve got everything to prove with the PS4, I hope it’s as good as we all want it to be.

Whether or not it’ll match the loft heights of the PS2? We’ll see.



  1. Maybe I’m thinking too far into this…
    But if a new generation of console was that close,then do you really think someone like Rockstar would spend the amount of time they have on a new GTA – only for the console(s) to be replaced half a year later?

    • Tens of millions of consoles. A top, top game will sell 5m-10m+

      New generation, a top, top game will sell 1m

      GTAV will be on next gen when it’s install base is big enough for them to bother

      • Indeed, I expect the usual yearly release titles (CoD, Fifa, Assassins Creed) to continue on ps3 & 360 for at least a couple of years after ps4 & next Xbox release.

      • That’s a very short sighted calculation, though. Sales don’t magically stop after a month. If your game is worth the money, then people will still buy it whenever they decide to pick up their console. Hell, I bough a PS3 when the 80 GB model launched and I instantly picked up MGS4.

    • Rockstar don’t really care tbh – GTA will sell shitloads no matter what format.

      But it stands to reason between now and E3 IS the best time ever to release it with maximum userbase – and very likely when an inevitable PC version appears late this year it’ll coincide with yep you guessed it 720 and/or ps4.

    • To be fair a game like GTA will shift none the less.

      Plus, it’s not like when the PS4/720 comes out that the PS3/360s userbase will dwindle by 90%.

  2. Lookin into my crystal ball here I did have a emeither the other day from Sony on Jan 5th saying ‘expect some good coming in 3 days time’. Also it did include Xperia logo. So I guess not much…

  3. The PS2 has certainly had a good run. I’m hoping Sony look back at the PS2 launch to remind themselves how a console should be launched.

    • Not just launched but built. My PS2 lasted 7 years, through weekend beer soakings, to falling off the table from people tripping on the cords, and even just being left running directly on the carpet for way too long.

      • My PS3 60Gb lasted longer than my PS2. They had build issues too.

        The main difference I remember between the launches is that there weren’t enough PS2’s around but the PS3 was very easy to get as more units were available at launch.

      • my day one launch ps2 still works, had to clean the lense a couple of times and it refuses to load mgs3 but every other game i have works no problems. tempted to pick up another just incase it does die.

  4. A monumental console. I have fond memories of all the PS2 Mortal Kombat games, Tekken 5, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, the TimeSplitters franchise and Pro Evo just to name a few. Had some brilliant gaming sessions with the PS2.

    In fact, this reminds me. There’s a petition online to get a TimeSplitters HD collection going. Somebody at Crytek recently said if there is enough interest from the petition they will seriously consider a HD collection. Then that could possibly lead to TimeSplitters 4, who knows :P. It’s worth a sign anyway, only takes seconds.

  5. I think my fondest memory of the PS2 was seeing it stand up the very first time. I know, theres alot of fond memories of all the awesome games, but just seeing it standing on its side when everything else still lay horizontally flat. It was like Sony was saying, yea, stand it up, it can take it, it’s a playstation it doesn’t play by the rules. And then discovering the little PS icon on the front could be rotated so it was still upright. good times, good times. It was like a metaphor for Sony being a leader, today everything stands up trying to imitate the king- hopefully the PS4 will float in mid air.

  6. I was lucky enough to win my PS2 right back at launch from the Sunday Times neswpaper. I favoured the original Xbox over the PS3. But I saw the light during the next generation even though owning a 360, I favoured the PS3. The 360 never got switched on for weeks on end. The PS3 is the only console to sit under my TV since 2007. Love it.

  7. RIPS2

  8. Time to box up my pristine PS2 slim and wait for the time when someone wants to pay silly money for it. Doubt it will happen mind but I live in hope!

  9. It’s truly amazing that the PS2 has only just ceased production – when you consider that it has continued to sell when other platforms have come and gone its a monumental achievement.

  10. Too many brilliant games to list but stand out titles in particular are GTA Vice City and Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec.
    Vice City in particular as nothing of that genre has come close to it this Gen for me!

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