What We Played #87: The Walking Dead, Far Cry 3 and Frog Fractions

With Xmas and the New Year becoming a distant memory, normality is reasserting itself and Britain is preparing to be immobilized by a handful of snowflakes this weekend.  With the back-to-work feeling, the evenings still dark and travel chaos imminent, thankfully we can take refuge in our gaming to preserve our sanity…

What We Played

Dan has been playing the new Sly Cooper game on his PS Vita but suitably embargoed all he can tell us after several hours is that “it’s very good indeed”. He’s also tried some Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed and that gets the even better “bloody brilliant” rating.


Similarly crushed beneath the weight of embargoes is Kris. Despite my trying to bribe him with a plastic triceratops model I got from The Natural History Museum many, many years ago (it’s probably quite a bit older than Kris) I couldn’t get him to even name what the embargoed game(s) is/are. That’s integrity for you.

He did admit to finally getting around to playing Journey though.  While he didn’t find it as amazing as some have said (I suspect Al is implicated there) he did own up to having enjoyed his time in the desert. “Towards the end there is a moment of pure joy that made me very happy.”  Presumably not the credits? The one criticism he identifies is that “it didn’t feel quite as explory as I’d thought though”.

[drop2]Peter has been playing a little bit of a flash game called American Dream, a game that sees you having to make $1 million trading stocks. He notes that as “Terry Cavanagh [of VVVVVV and Super Hexagon fame] had some involvement so it’s not surprising that it’s quite compelling”, but cautions that “it’s not substantial enough to warrant a proper release, I’d imagine”.

Luckily, it’s available for free so you can see if you can become a millionaire quicker than the 44 weeks it took Peter. He’s also embraced “the lunacy that is Frog Fractions“.

It’s deceptively clever but totally mental. It also kind of breaks at one point early on when you can completely circumnavigate the in-game currency system. That “break” is obviously intentional though, which makes it kind of hilarious.

Tuffcub meanwhile has been struggling with with a “dreary” and “badly scripted” game, The Walking Dead. Cue hoard of attacking zombies enraged game fans. He did provide an example of the game’s inconsistency similar to ones you probably encountered if you have played it:

One character is nice to me for giving him an energy bar then 2 seconds later tells me to fuck off and never speak to him due to something else I did earlier.

TC says that he much prefers Telltale’s version of Jurassic Park which is “exactly the same game structure, complete with annoying kid, but has giant bloody dinosaurs chasing you about rather than badly drawn zombies”.

[drop]He certainly seems to prefer the company of Late Cretaceous period ceratopsid dinosaurs in the misnamed Jurassic Park as he notes that while “everyone goes on about being emotionally involved with The Walking Dead” he finds greater pleasure in feeding the “annoying twee” Clementine “to the zombies at every opportunity”.

Vanquish has seen a bit more action and TC still “really quite likes it”, suggesting that “at least that has proper characters who act like humans rather that sub par soap opera stand ins”. Discuss.

His PS Vita has been exercised with Knytt Underground, “which attempts to be a hipstercool version of Jet Set Willy but ends up being annoying”, and Big Sky Infinity “which is strangely addictive, even with that awful voice over”.

Aran is still story-dodging in Far Cry 3 preferring to spend his time murdering the poor inhabitants of the game’s ‘enemy’ outposts. Finding ways to keep the blood off his own hands he enjoys “scouting an outpost, and exploiting weaknesses” which seems to be a euphemism for ‘finding a patsy’.

One outpost in particular where he chose to blame those he murdered for their own deaths he let a bear do the killing. “Who leaves a bear in a weak wooden cage that can be broken by a single shot?” he asks before providing his own answer, “people who become bear food, that’s who”.

I prefer to think that the outpost belonged to a charitable wildlife organisation who, having found an injured bear, were nursing it back to health. And the bear certainly can’t be blamed for becoming a bit irate when someone starts taking potshots at it with a sniper rifle, can it?

On most occasions I’ve managed to take the camps without raising the alarm with my long range shenanigans. However my favourite scenario was when I sniped from a boat out at sea and then finished any stragglers off with the boat’s mounted gun. I’m aware this makes me sound like a psychopath.

[videoyoutube]Yes, it does. Away from taking potshots with a rifle he’s picked up Football Manager 2013 and decided to play as The Potters. I’m sensing a theme. He’s played little of that, still being in the pre-season but is practising for some Suarez-style goals by playing NBA 2K13.

Aran suggests there are a number of areas where NBA 2K13 beats other sports titles. First is that “when it’s a big game there’s real life footage of famous landmarks of the host city” helping to anchor the game in the real world.

“And every sports game dev needs to play the game to learn how to get in game commentary perfect”, citing the way “the commentators react to your press conferences” and how they make it “sound like you’re watching a live game”.

Finally this week we have Blair who has “been really busy developing a game in Flash for University so I absolutely hate games right now”. He has valiantly struggled to play some New Super Mario Bros. U though as it’s a recent acquisition.

It’s good fun but not quite as rewarding as the 3D Mario titles, somehow; progressing through the levels just doesn’t feel as good, even though there’s plenty to do and collect. It’s quite hard, too – a proper platformer – which has just heightened my momental enragement for games even more.

So, after giving you with the impression that we’re all game-hating psychopaths who feed young children to zombies for pleasure and have a fetish for horny dinosaurs all I’ve got left to say is what have you played this week?



  1. I finished FarCry 3’s story and so have no desire to go back and finish it all for the trophies. Apart from that I’ve been going back through LA Noire for the third time, just can’t get enough of that game! Got Skyrim as I saw it in a sale for £10 so I’ll try that out this week, since I’ve got ‘study leave’ until Wednesday, after of course my Physics AS exam today, yay!

    • I have put a ban on me buying a PS4 until I reach, and complete, LA Noire from my backlog of PS3 games….I’ve finished the homicide cases but then other stuff got in the way, but I refuse to leave this gen until I go back to it as I thought it was fantastic.

      • And it’s a game worthy of your time. One of my favourites from this gen and I platinumed it for both myself and my wife. Truly awesome game.

  2. Nothing much this week, just strangers wrath vita & a lot of supernatural on Netflix. Also there is a free game/app on the vita people try it.

    I’m thinking of doing a mortal Kombat meet, anyone interested?

    • What is the free game/app on the vita?

      • Oh lol didn’t I say it ha! Imaginstruments & jet pack these might be old but I just saw them

  3. I played me some Far Cry 3. I’m over-cautious with FPS games and just for the love of goddesses can’t shake off my fear of in-game death. It’s not like I can’t play good enough to get things done, it’s just so stressing that it becomes torturous. Is it maybe because I avoided the genre for so long that I can’t just jump in and see it as casual entertainment? Who knows.. Seriously who knows?
    Then I played the XCOM demo and decided to definitely get it.
    Then I played more Guardians of Middle-Earth and appreciated it again for bringing the MOBA genre to my PS3. I hope the online play lasts for a while.
    Then I made googly eyes at the Ni no Kuni preorder, as usual.

  4. Managed to stockpile a shit tonne of bargain games over xmas, as won’t be able to buy anything new for a while (baby due in 6 weeks). Been playing Doom 3 & Labyrinth Legends mostly. Probs start Far Cry 3 next.

    • Oh yeah, and Jetpack Joyride. Not bad for a free download! Wifey certainly enjoys it! Fuck buying any coins though.

  5. Finished Far Cry 3 story. Only need to play the Co-op so if anyone is game, that would be great.

    Pal gave me Dishonored and Hitman. Unsure on which one to start. Decisions decisions.

    • I’ve started Hitman and it’s ace, although took me a while to be half-decent at it, you won’t be disappointed! I also have Dishonored to play but not started it due to Hitman being awesome.

  6. Far Cry 3 and some Skylanders Giants with my son. I’m close to the platinum for Far Cry 3 now, 7 trophies left.

  7. I played a bit of dragon age 2, it’s so much better then origins.

    • Take that back :P

    • I respect your opinion and respectfully disagree.(weren’t expect that was you folks) I will also disembowl you at a later date for this wrong opinion. :P

      • Arghhhh, i was wondering when you would show up.

      • It won’t matter anyway, as you’ll just come back to life as hollow. Or just end up without a body.

  8. Played some Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse coop with a friend and it is as bad as people say it is. Apart from the regular jokes from the series it’s an unbalanced, repetitive, bland piece of digital crap. We’re going to finish it anyways. :P
    I might finally give Shadow of the Colossus a try tonight but I have no serious gaming plans until Ni No Kuni comes out.

  9. Haven’t played a huge amount this week really as work has been quite hectic.
    Managed to sit down on Friday night and play BLOPS2 for a couple of hours though. Brilliant fun as always.
    Also played a bit more of LEGO LotR with the Mrs, which is awesome, though I need to re-watch “Two Towers” before we can carry on with the story mode.
    Oh, I also picked up a dirt cheap copy of Guitar Hero 6 as the bundle has finally dropped to the sensible price of £30. Great collection of songs and about as addictive as GH2.

  10. Plenty of Far Cry 3 for me, coupled with Dark Souls – still fighting my way through NG+ to get to the DLC I paid for! Became a dark wraith so plenty of invasions & jolly cooperation too :)

    • I despised Invaders in Dark Souls as most of the time, they would abuse the lagstab as well as trying to use the enemies. Gankroot Garden is the worst area in the game if you plan on invading as people would often wait in groups of three and try to lagstab you. :-/ Playing the DLC on NG+ may be a mistake as apparently, it is more unforgiving then the vanilla game.

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