PSN Maintenance This Thursday And Friday

The PlayStation Network will be under maintenance this Thursday and Friday, starting at 4PM on the 17th and running through until 4AM on the 18th, so we make that twelve hours in total.

The PlayStation Store, Account Management, Account Registration, Transactions via consoles and the main website will all be off limits during this period, with the usual “site maintenance notification” page showing.


If you sign into the PSN before 4PM on Thursday and remain signed in, you should be able to still play online. The above services will still be down regardless, though.

There’s a Dead or Alive 5 TSA Meet on Thursday night, so if you’re playing, make sure you’re already signed in and stay signed in or you may well be locked out.



  1. 12 hours is quite a while, wonder what they are up to?

    • Hopefully sorting out the store. It may look a lot nicer than the old one but it’s slow, even after the recent update, and the way it works is sometimes very strange. If they just hurry up and give us the ability to search/filter our downloads list I’ll be very happy.

  2. Oh maintenance how i’ve missed thee :)

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