God of War: Ascension Gets Single Player Trailer

Kratos is a bit of a tortured soul, isn’t he? It seems that every time he shows up, he’s distraught and upset about something. It’d be nice to see him settled down with a nice cup of tea and the paper for a change.


No chance of that though, if this first single player trailer is anything to judge by. Posted by IGN, and seemingly given to them exclusively for now, it doesn’t show very much. What is on display, though, should be enough to excite God of War’s many fans.

This is the US ad spot, which will run through certain sports events and episodes of Family Guy until the start of February.



  1. My next platinum :) can’t wait !!

  2. Looks & sounds EPIC!!! :P :P :P

  3. Kinda ruins it by having Kratos say “Only on PlayStation”.. actually.. why “PlayStation”… not “PlayStation 3″…. hmm

    • That’s just the phrase they use, like on game boxes it doesn’t say only on PS3/Vita, it says ‘Only on Playstation’.

  4. Sold! Regardless of trailers, sold.

  5. Man, I got to finish Ghost of Sparta and 3 by March. Challenge accepted.

  6. I’ve pre-ordered this in HMV…………. Doh!

    • Is that the exclusive to HMV administration edition?

  7. Me thinks ill be getting this oh yes it will be mine.

  8. At last, i’ve little interest in the mp so i’ve been looking forward to seeing a sp trailer and this doesn’t disappoint – it looks awesome!

  9. can not wait love GOW.

  10. Looks ok — nearly not as epic as III, but at last we get some SP love.

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