PSN Now Planned To Be Down Until Tomorrow Morning

The PlayStation Network is free. That is, you don’t pay to play online, you don’t pay for access to week-ahead game demos and you don’t pay to join party conversations. It’s free. Even if you’re a Plus subscriber, the actual network is free. That’s a great selling point whichever way you look at it.

It is, however, down quite a bit. Well, not recently, it’s been alright for a few months, but there was a period last year when it was almost weekly and today – yeah – today’s been a bit of a mess.


Of course, some can sign in just now and play just fine. Others can’t. Nobody can access the Store. PlayStation Plus can’t verify purchases so certain games won’t work from the XMB. Nobody can access Account Management. I’d suspect that last one’s not such a big deal.

It was supposed to be up and running by 8AM this morning. It now looks like it’ll be tomorrow morning, a full 24 hours or so after it was meant to be up. “Unfortunately PSN maintenance is still underway and service is now not expected to resume before tomorrow morning,” said PlayStation. “We’ll update again soon,” they said.

It’s OK, all this will be sorted next-gen.



  1. It better be sorted, or I won’t be getting a ps4!

    • they might just have it back up by then. ^_^

  2. Mentioned this in the other thread, but I can’t even play Far Cry 3 single player, because whenever I press ‘start’, it tries to connect to something online and ends up trapped in a never ending loop. Have to hold down the PS button and exit. Fuckin’ sucks!

    • Have you tried deleting your wifi settings in the network options then restarting the PS3I had a similar problem with Hot Pursuit, did the trick temporarily!

    • disable the internet connection, not the settings?

    • I had that FC3 issue. I got around it temporarily by signing out of PSN when playing it. Eventually i changed my Network settings from Nat3 to Nat1 (using PPOE) and since then i can play while signed-in without any issues.

    • Have the exact same problem with FarCry 3 and Mass Effect 3.

  3. There busy wiping the shit off the fan…

  4. Good thing i’m playing sleeping dogs right now which is fully focused on SP.

  5. SCEE, just because Bethesda has finally announced when Skyrim’s DLC will be out doesn’t mean that you can celebrate by taking PSN down untill you feel that it should be back up. That or it’s been hacked again. Or someone at SCEE pressed the massive don’t touch button that can disable PSN in Europe. :P

  6. I don’t understand why they wait till the weekend to do this shit?

    Is Monday morning in Japan now?!

  7. God damn teraflops. Unless its cross game chat?

    • Hang on! You could be on to something!

  8. I wish they could offload the service to a second server during updates, or do half the servers at the time. It must be possible to avoid this kind of downtime somehow. I’m not really affected by it, but many are.

    • I don’t know why it seems to be random who can sign in and who can’t as I mentioned on another post when there’s maintenance I have to make sure I’m signed in because 9 times out of 10 if i sign out for any reason I can’t sign in but yet if I’m signed in during maintenance I can see people on my friends list happily signing in an out.

  9. The only time I’ve wanted to download DLC for ages I can’t.
    As you say it’s free so I’ll just have to wait.

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