Now Kaz Wants Microsoft To Go First In Game Of Next Gen Chicken

The next-gen rumours may continue to roll by on a twice-daily basis, but it’s clear that Sony and Microsoft are still keeping their cards very close to their chests. Well, the cards that haven’t been leaked, speculated on and wrangled from the cold dead hands of some NDA-flaunting developer, that is.

Regardless, it looks like Sony aren’t thinking about talking about the PS4 yet. Not until Microsoft do, it seems, at least.


“Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?” said SCE boss Kaz Hirai in today’s The Times newspaper. That’s clearly a direct nod to Microsoft (being that Nintendo have already played their slightly tired looking cards) and suggests that he’s ready to go, but holding back.

Poised like a slightly predictable two-way Mexican standoff, the next-gen war might be kicking off right around the corner but today, right now, it’s more a case of two companies still eyeing up the other.

Who will strike first? Microsoft, clearly. Kaz says so.

Source: IGN quoting The Times



  1. Next Gen Chicekn – KFC HD?

  2. Its all very exciting! Lets hope were not disapointed when the curtain raises on PS4.

  3. Sounds like kaz might be afraid the PS4 won’t be as powerful as the NeXBox and he’s buying his time to make adjustments.

    I understand not wanting to give your competition ammo to shoot you with, but if your not confident enough in the machine you’ve been building to start talk about it first you probably need a better R&D department.
    This whole we’re not going to talk bit reminds me how Sony wouldn’t talk about the price of the PS3. I wonder if they don’t want to talk because they knew people will be disappointed or if they are truly afraid of what MS are cooking up, and don’t want another IBM chip copy incident.

  4. The only problem with all this is that it won’t be a fair fight again :-/ Microsoft will get all the normal internet backing from every gaming site(even the ones who pretend to support the PlayStation brand & SONY won’t get any positive press whatever they do. Oh well, i am coming up to my 15th year of owning PlayStation consoles(in March) & i have loved every minute of it whatever the internet haters say & that is all that matters;) SO BRING ON PS4!!! :P

    • Microsoft will get internet backing from gaming sites,

      We’ll get Flower, Journey, Papo & Yo, Heavy Rain and others.

      Who wins, you think?

    • You don’t think of how long you’ve had something until someone else mentions it. I got my original PS in November 1995 that’s 17 years ago! Much longer than I thought, doesn’t time fly.

    • The American press will always support the American console, as they believe it helps the American economy.

      I feel sorry for the English speaking, non-American gamers that got sucked along for the ride and ended up buying the turd-box360 just because someone on the internet said it was great after being sent on a all expenses paid lavish Microsoft launch party.

      ^^^^^This is how the world works. Next time, make up your OWN mind…

      • Turd-box360? Can we keep the comments mature and fanboy-free please, it’s horrible to read.

      • Can I second this please? Sorry to be lazy.

  5. As long as they’re out for the all important Crimble season, that’s me happy. :-)

    • Crimble… I like it, added to my dictionary.
      It would appear that Sony want to 1up Microsoft on their console in terms of raw numbers, but that doesn’t mean much if the console is in some way “more difficult” to develop for, as has been seen thin gen. Sure first party games are great, but multi-plat ones just never hold up as well on the PS3, shoddy ports and the like have been a bit of a problem.
      In any case, it would appear that I am now looking forward to MS releasing details on their console more than previously, if it’s a sign that Sony will not be too far behind them.

      • The PS2 was WAY more difficult to code for than the PS3 is. SO go figure.

        Taking the easy route is a double edged sword, the console maxes out it’s capabilities MUCH sooner. Take a look at any Xbox game from the last 2 years and tell me it’s actually moved on and not just a rehashed cash-in.

  6. This is a bad move by Sony, do they learn from their mistakes. Coming out first means Microsoft will get all the limelight and its possible the PS4 will be forgotten and tied up in second spot advertising. If the hardware is done, they should flaunt it and do it big ASAP.

  7. It’s like the showdown at the end of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    • yeah, but which one’s which? ^_^

      • Valve is the good, Sony the bad and MS is the ugly :)

  8. is that why despite the PS3 launch being a year later than the 360, even longer in europe, they still took years to introduce a lot of the features the 360 had at launch?
    like trophies, universal friends lists that every game used and custom soundtracks?

    and there’s still the cross game invites and cross game chat still missing isn’t there?

    i can’t imagine there’d be that much scope for upgrading their consoles to match or outmatch the competition this late in the day.

    changing how much ram they’re going with maybe, but changing the processor or gpu might be difficult if they want devs to have the dev kits early enough to get games out for launch.

    what’s the production time on a game?
    if they want games out for the rumoured christmas launch, or late march in europe, they need production on games starting soon surely.

    • The vita has cross game chat so that problem solved :)

      Most system won’t come with everything at once, this was a lesson learnt by Sony so whatever they do next gen it won’t be the same mistake they did this gen

    • Good points, they didn’t use the advantage of knowing what they were up against. Took far too long to implement basic features.

    • What about the features the PS3 has that the Xbox never managed to implement. YOu know, the ones all the American gaming sites “forget” about?

      Ahh yes, someone else sucked in by the American gaming press favoritism of the American console that apparently can’t do no wrong (despite taking 5 years to get fully working, despite last-gen storage, despite double-dip subscription model, despite sub-par hardware specs)

      • I don’t think Hazelam has been sucked in by the american gaming press as she prefers to rant about SCEE and EA, as well as rabbits for some reason.

      • Do you mean the features Sony removed like other OS or the features nobody uses like the VOD player. the only features the PS3 has that separate it from the 360 are Blu-ray and a exchangeable HDD. The PS3 didn’t even launch with a store. Sony didn’t plan for XGC or trophies or anything they have added, it’s why it takes forever to update trophies and load the XMB in game… another feature the launch PS3 left out because Sony couldn’t imagine people wanting to return to the XMB in-game. Its taken Sony just as long as MS to get their console to todays standard, perhaps even longer.

      • No I think he means features like HDD standard, HDD exchangeable, wifi standard (on all but the very first 20gb model), controllers with rechargeable batteries standard, blu-ray, gigabit ethernet, free online play, HDMI as standard, optical out as standard, significantly superior audio formats and video PQ, browser as standard, support for external HDDs as standard, the ability to use non ‘licences’ USB controllers and wheels, the ability to use any USB keyboard and mouse, built in power supply, significantly better reliability etc etc.

        And let’s not even get started on the leading software features Sony brought in that MS either duplicated years later or still hasn’t caught up on (streaming services, photo management, video editing etc).

        Sure, the PS3 didn’t have Trophies or in game XMB on launch and to be honest, that’s ALL it was really missing.

  9. Not bothered still got a lot of current gen back log to finish so the more delay the better for me.

  10. Like either of them would be likely to rejig the specs for their new consoles in any significant way now that they’re about ready to go into production, lol.

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